Bruce Olson By: Lindsey Broaddick

Bruce Olson was born in 1941, November 10 in Saint Paul Minnesota
Bruce went to University of Minnesota but left after one year to become a missionary.
Bruce was engaged to Gloria a Columbian doctor in 1970. She sadly died in a tragic accident before they got married.
In 1961 Bruce wanted to become a missionary because he felt God is sending him to tell people about the redemption of Christ .
Bruce helped the Montilone or "Bari" tribe in Venezuela. He arrived in Venezuela in 1961. He taught them about Christianity and helped them build schools to get education. Bruce also tried to stop the cocaine cartel in the Montilone territory.
He left behind school for the tribe to get jobs and to become successful. He also funded bilingual schools, medical clinics, and agricultural centers. In 2002 Bruce was awarded a honorary doctorial degree by Regent University.
Bruce also wrote the book Bruncko in 2006. It was about his time in South America and when he was captured twice by two war tribes.
Being a missionary is very important because you are spreading God's word. Mark 16:15 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
"I was discovering that the cross of Christ meant more than joy and peace. It meant suffering , too-suffering that was necessary to bring a later hope. - Bruce Olson

Bruce was kidnapped by the National Liberation Army in 1988 and was in captivity for 9 months because he would not join their cause. He was also captured again in 1997 by the Population Liberation Army and suffered three gun shot wounds. He escaped by slipping away through the bushes.

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