Saturday's Farmers Market Finds in Vegas May 14th, 2016

I was up way too early this morning. Michael had sent me out early for an outdoor sale at a furniture store…looking for a new table for the patio. So I got up, and drove for coffee to drink on the way. As a result in my coffee free zone, I left the house without the market basket. This gave Lauren an opportunity to tease me at the Downtown Summerlin Farmers Market as I juggled beets, carrots, yams, potatoes and a cucumber at the register. Next time I will remember!

When you head out to Downtown Summerlin, it is easy to find the market. Just follow the wafting aroma of Jerk Chicken and Salmon on the grill. Colin, as always, was cooking up great Jamaican plate lunches at Sherry’s Taste of Jamaica at the market. But I needed I was off to Spicy Camel Trading Company.

Dan at Spicy Camel Trading Company has the Caramelized Strawberry Preserves that I crave! This stuff is sooo good! It is the perfect to spread on toast, top waffles or use as a sweet sauce with a good cheese (make it blue) and a baguette! Michael wanted pancake mix and Dan had a new Strawberry shortcake blend. His pancake mix is great for pancakes or waffles and if you have gluten issues, he has gluten free. And I hear he may add a stevia sweetened mix soon! And of course there are the dried meyer lemon slices. Great for dropping in your water for a little refreshment or for flavoring anything that you would use lemon on.

Hammons Honey at the Downtown Summerlin Farmers Market

As I wandered toward the indoor market, I saw a new Honey vendor Hammons Honey. They have hives in Las Vegas and were explaining how adding local honey to your diet can help with allergies.

I stopped at a vendor that was new to me, just outside the indoor market. Marsha is with Blue Moon Harvest Garden in Parhump. She had eggs and greens, as well as handmade goat milk soap. I picked up a bunch of red Romaine and had a great chat with her!

Another new to me vendor was Melissa with Tea or Tisane. She has a wide variety of tisanes (which are actually an herbal steeped beverage, like a tea but without the “tea leaves” but with other natural herbs and fruits).

I picked up a variety for us to try out in the office during our post dinner “tea time”. There was Sunshine blend with lemon grass, peppermint, ginger root, hibiscus, chamomile, citrus, raspberry leaf and licorice and Mt. Morning Blend blackberry leaf, rosemary, red rooibos, eleuthro, chickory and spice both for alertness. As well as Earthbound Blend to get rid of headaches, Tarocco Blend with lemon grass, orange peel and apricot and a Wellness Blend with Spearmint, chamomile, rosehips and more. I look forward to trying them all and learning more about the natural herbs from Melissa.

I headed into the indoor market to pick up some produce from The Intuitive Forager and Meadow Valley Farms. Meadow Valley had Onion Blossoms which I love for on salads! I picked up one that had not yet bloomed. It goes into a glass in my fridge with water and will bloom there over the next week.

From the Intuitive Forager

From the Intuitive Forager, I foraged root vegetables. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets…and a cucumber. I stopped short of getting cheese and now I regret it! They also had some gorgeous mushrooms, including morels! And Mathieu creates some amazing citrus preserves which I will go back for next week.

The morning bounty

I did a final stop for loaf of artisan bread before leaving. I debated over all the breads and finally left with a cranberry baguette recommended by another patron in line.

So Market Bounty fills my fridge and cupboards for the moment. I’ll try to share what magic we create with them on Facebook.

Get out to the local farmers markets! It will inspire you to eat better and you will find a sense of community, when you are eating food that comes from farmers close to home that you get to know!

Find information on many of the Farmers Markets at 4Farm2Mrkt and visit us on Facebook at

Or visit the website where you can find information on many of the Farmers Markets around town!

We love being able to visit the farmers markets in Las Vegas. You get to know the people behind your food, the one's who grow it or bake it. You see that there is love and passion behind these people and that's bound to make the food better for you! Feasting on food from people you know just feels good. So get to the farmers market and get to know these people, build a community. It makes the world seem alot smaller and alot happier.

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