My Co- op experience

Where was your placement?

My placement was at Trillium Woods Public School, where I worked in a classroom working alongside intermediate students with IEP's.

Describe two tips that you would recommend to students to have a successful experience at your placement?

It's extremely important to keep an open mind when choosing a placement. For some people, their placement options may not have been very appealing at first. But co-op is meant to give you the opportunity to figure out your likes and dislikes within the field you wish to head into after high school. So, it is very important to keep an open mind and positive attitude when picking a placement. Secondly, if it's possible try working in an environment you are already familiar with. For example, a school or store. This can help a lot if you are able to feel comfortable within the environment and adjust quickly, especially if you know someone you're working with.

Identify a challenge you faced at your placement. How did you overcome it?

At my placement, I definitely had an issue with working with people so close in age to me. At first I was treated more like a friend rather than a student teacher by some of the students. Part of me wanted to be able to joke around with them. But it was easy to overcome after speaking with their teacher and letting the students know that I wasn't there just to be their friend.

What is the overall impression of your placement?

Overall, my placement was an amazing experience. It showed me that there's a lot I could do with an interest in psychology, especially within schools. I was able to have hands-on experience and make connections. My placement was a warm and welcoming environment and I'll be sad to leave!

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