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School lost over half of the collection when the campus changed from PK-5 to the present GT program for 4-8th grades. Not much that was there before really worked for the new clientele. Ms. Garnica was awarded $10,000 to fill up the empty shelves and begin a digital collection. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Designs instruction for a range of learners and Supports learners' literacy.
2020-21 Texas Book Festival Grant recipient. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacy.
2020-21 Texas Book Festival Grant recipient, Ms. Chappell, with author/illustrator Vanessa Brantley-Newton.  Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Engenders inclusiveness & diversity
Geronimo to the Rescue! Project provided $770 worth of Geronimo Stilton books. PwC Charitable Foundation Innovation Lab provided $5,000 for 10 Google Expedition Virtually Reality Headsets & 2 Prusa 3D printers. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Designs instruction for a range of learners.
Flexible seating for the library totaling $454. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a conducive & safe learning environment.
Mystery Bag Project made possible through First Book Wish List. Ms. Willis received plush bags and 450 Pokémon cards to create the mystery bags. The project has generated interest in the library for both students and staff which has helped to build relationships. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Nurtures discovery through curiosity.
Books 2 Go Project: received gloves, big zip plastic bags, Sharpies, masking tape, and large closable plastic bins. Also received a large heavy-duty wagon from Amazon Wish List for the same project. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a conducive & safe learning environment.
Cathy Bolin, DeGolyer Elementary Librarian, received $300 from First Book to purchase books to give to students during the pandemic. This was supplemented by a donation of books from United to Learn. Ms. Bolin also received 2 new carts, colorful plastic storage bins for organizing books students place on hold, and large storage bins for quarantining books when they are returned to the library from her Donors Choose Library on Wheels Project. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a conducive & safe learning environment.
Read Woke Challenge: $626.  Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & Supports self-curation
A Library of Books Builds a World of Possibilities! Project funded $469 books for students. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacy.
The Dallas Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi donated $1,000 for books for our students from First Book. We are Safe in the Library In Spite of COVID-19! Project was funded through Donors Choose. Ms. Gentry received 4 bottles of hand sanitizer, 50 face masks, 3 containers of alcohol wipes, 100 disposable gloves, and 6 bottles of disinfecting spray. This enabled Ms. Gentry to have classes in the Library soon after students came on campus. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a conducive & safe learning environment and Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacy.
First Book awarded Ms. Bender 150 Pokémon Game Kits for the kids she serves! A generous anonymous donor was blown away by Ms. Bender's enthusiasm for this donation. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Designs instruction for a range of learners.
Ms. Acevedo Negron received two Donors Choose: $580 for Breakout Kits and $214 for a mobile cart friendly scanner. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge & apply critical analysis of information.
Marvin Gonzalez, Downtown Montessori At Ida B Wells Academy Librarian, received a 3D printer from the #makercause by Unique Software Development and the Mark Cuban Foundation. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & Facilitates innovative thinking for problem solving.

Dynamic Librarians

Hillcrest HS Librarian Nina Canales designed and facilitated a lesson for the IB Juniors and Seniors that taught them how to navigate the various databases offered by Dallas ISD and Dallas College. Nina collaborated with a librarian at Dallas College to learn more about the college-level databases so she could better support students and staff. Hillcrest teachers were thrilled with Nina's lesson and remarked, "No one has ever taken the time to teach our students how to navigate the databases before!" AASL Standards: Engage.Grow & Inquire.Grow

Toni Crawford, South Oak Cliff HS Librarian, did an excellent job creating Advisory lessons for her campus and connecting them to the EBSCO Learning Express Interest Matcher & Skills Matcher Quizzes. Students then completed tasks based on their areas of interest stated in the results. Lessons and activities are posted in PowerSchool Learning for the students. Toni posted information on how to use Sora in her PowerSchool Learning Advisory course. Students have the opportunity to access Sora anytime to check out an ebook. AASL Standard: Inquire.Grow

Mary Martinez, Winnetka Elem. Librarian, used both WB English and Spanish! Awesome template for planet research! AASL Standard: Explore.Share

Sharanza Williams, Young Women's STEAM Academy at Balch Springs MS Librarian, Mobile library is very successful. Students come 2 at a time - can request a book if it's not on the 2 carts then she will return the book. They are beginning to use the catalog to request books for the cart. First, she asked the teachers for book ideas and also the new arrivals, highly circulated books (especially Harry Potter). Cart is available 1st period (Tue-Thur) in a space conducive to the checkout station with PPE equipment. Returned books are wiped down. Now other grades are looking for her cart and sending students so it has steadily risen in popularity. AASL Standard: Explore.Think

Ms. Mauldin, Kimball HS Librarian, successfully increased student engagement in a virtual Info Literacy Lesson by converting a standard check for understanding into a game format using Kahoot! Way to go! AASL Standard: Include.Grow

Dallas ISD Librarians Tracie Walker-Reed, Rose Badia, Tabatha Sustaita-Robb, LaShonda Roberson, Mona Mendoza, Deidra Ballard-Moore, Laurie Fuentes, Heather Dunlap, Melissa Cunningham, Valerie Tagoe, Julie Sibley, Diana O'Connor, and Karen Harris are going above and beyond to support teachers. They are currently working on online lessons that demonstrate how teachers can use library resources to teach different units of study. These librarians understand that when they build capacity in teachers, they are improving the experience for ALL Dallas ISD Learners! AASL Standard: Curate.Think

Natalie Frodin, M.L. King Jr. Arts Academy Librarian, tenaciously pursued the "re-purposing" of her library space BACK into a library. AASL Standard: Include.Create Organizing facilities to enhance the use of and ensure equitable access to information resources and services for all learners.

Ms. Willis, Skyline HS Librarian, brought the AASL Standard, Inquire: Create & Think to life. Her literacy activity engaged the students in reading and writing critics/book reviews. The reviews are on the school library website and at the shelves in front of the specific book, giving the opportunity to future readers to learn about the book from another student. Her students voices are heard and they are inspiring other students to read and contribute their voices as well.

Carter High School Librarian, Melanie Conner, curated Lesson Plans for SPED teacher using Britannica. She created lesson plans on mammals and animals in the jungle. Melanie assisted with the database to encourage the students to be independent learners.  AASL Standards: Think.Explore & Grow.Inquire

Patti Turner, Urban Park Elem. Librarian, taught the trait of fairy tale and characteristic in collaboration with 2nd grade. On top of working with her students, she worked with a student getting them the resources for the MLK Jr. Oratory contest which she is over. On top of organizing her campus safety plan and the school-wide spelling bee.  AASL Standard: Collaborate.Think

Harry Stone Librarian, Rosia Roberts, collaborated with a teacher in reading a diverse Bluebonnet book, Stay. Students created digital images using Canva from the part of the book they've read. AASL Standard: Curate.Create

Ms. Rust hosted a Family Literacy Night with 200 students at Mockingbird Elementary. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Designs instruction for a range of learners. Cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge and apply critical analysis of information.

Grant Application Open!

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Personal Protective Equipment

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