The Renaissance By: ashley soto

Marco Polo and The Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road help spark the Renaissance. When the mongols took over China they made roads safe for the travelers. In the text it states, "The in the 1200s the Mongols took over China. They once again made the roads safer for travelers and traders." (Holt 299). The Mongols made the roads safe for the travelers to travel and for the traders to trade. That's why the reopening of the Silk Road help spark the Renaissance.

Italian Trade Cities(Florence)

Medici Family

The Medici family wanted Florence to be the most beautiful city in the world. Cosmic de' Medici hired artists to decorate his palace and he also paid architects to redesigns many of Florence's buildings. Bankers in Florence kept money for merchants from all Europe. The bank sees made money by charging interest. Claims de' Medici also valued education. He build libraries and collected books to improve education. During the time that the Medici family held power, Florence became the center of Italian art, literature, and culture.

Rediscovering the past (Greek and Roman)

The Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance. It help shape the development because there was new ideas for example there was, new styles of architecture, art, and wys of think. In the text it states, "Greek and Roman examples inspired new styles of architecture, approaches to the arts, and ways of thinking" (source 1.) There was going to be new and better stuff. The new ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance.

Roman idea

Greek idea

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo De Vinci had been many things for example, he had been a painter, writer, scientist, and engineer. He was often describes as "Renaissance man." Some of the arts he had done The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

The Last Supper is a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is one of the worlds most famous painting. It took from 1945-1946 to paint it. The Mona Lisa is a painting by Leonardo Da Vince. It was painted between 1503-1519.


The video is going to be how Michelangelo build Statue of David. Also what happens and a little bit of the painting he did in the church.

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

More than one person would have to work on it because it was a long process and it would take forever.The person would have to get the ink ball full of ink. When they were done they would have to press the ink ball on top of the letters and make sure all the letters get enough ink.The letters they would put the ink on would be really really small. Once they are done putting ink on the letters, they would put a big piece of paper in a box thing to make sure the letters would go on the paper perfectly.Once they were done putting the paper in the box, they would put it under the smasher. Then they would pull the handle and the handle would push the letters on the paper. They would pull the handle serve times to make sure all the letters would go on the paper.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflect the ideas of humanism. It reflect the ideas of humanism because it reflects the Idea that every human is important. In the text it states, "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important" (Holt317.) It explains how he thought that everyone is important. That is how William Shakespeare's writing reflects the ideas of humanism. Shakespeare's writing attract such a wide audience because he used to write his poems and writings in a common language where everyone could understand it. In the text it states, " London audience of the late 1500s and early 1600s packed the theatre to see them. Ever since, people have enjoyed the Beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity" (Holt317.) It is talking about how everyone enjoyed his poem because he used to write it in a common language. That is why Shakespeare's writing attract such a wide audience.

The first picture is in Romeo and Juliet. The second picture is in As You Like It.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”-William Shakespeare The Tempest

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