Hunting and gathering- Another name for the first agricultural revolution in neolithic revolution. Before this the world wasn't civilised. It begins 11 thousand years ago. The world learned to domesticate plants and domesticate animals which means they learned to plant and raise animals. Some places and there hearths are is wheat which came fertile crescent the desert got flooded and made very rich soil. Also there is rice which came from china and corn which came from meso america and lastly potatoes which came from peru. Some benefits and impacts of this revulsion is no mads became settled and advancements, they learned about stars which started calendars, religion and writing.

The second agricultural revolution. Mechanization started. It started in western europe starts with inventions of machines all these inventions made way more food and fewer need for farmers. Some things we learned and invented were barbed wire and to manufacture cotton. Some impacts are more population, bigger cities because of famers children moving to cities, and lastly more machines.

The Third agricultural revolution changed many things in the world. One thing is GMOs. A GMO is a genetically modified organism, plants and animals changed as a result of biotechnology. Some benefits more resistance to disease, pest, and weeds. Also the green revolution which made a large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by fertilization and pesticides. Also some peopled helped this revolution like Norman Borlaug who worked on plant breeding he helped Mexico and india become self sufficient in wheat production, which saved many people from hunger.


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