The Devils Arithmetic Austin Drake salois

Exemplary Evaluator May, 4

  1. Jane Yolen is her name
  2. She was born in New York City on February, 11 1939
  3. The hospital that she was born at was the Beth Israel Hospital
  4. Her middle name is Hyatt
  5. She has a brother Named Steven Hyatt Yolen
  6. Her Dad wrote newspapers for New York newspaper companies.
  7. Before she was born her mother was a psychiatric therapist
  8. Her mom could never hold a job after she was born
  9. Her mother write short stories and crossword puzzles
  10. She moved to hollywood when she was only one
  11. Her dad worked on movies like American tragedy, knut rockne, and Let's win one for the gipper
  12. Her dad was inn the army
  13. Her dad was a second lieutenant
  14. She went to a quaker camp
  15. She was very good in school
  16. She use to write newspapers for her neighbors in new york
  17. Her and her brother were very close
  18. Her first kiss happened at the quaker camp
  19. Her first kiss was also with her 3rd cousin
  20. She went to smith college
  21. She was 7th in her class
  22. She was the president of the spanish club
  23. She was the president of the latin club
  24. She was big in debate.
  25. She married more than 1 man

Connection Builder May, 3

The thing that best compares to the holocaust would probably be the plain terrorism in nigeria. I think these compare because of the slavery. Also isis and how they treat their prisoners.

Character Captain May, 2

May, 1 - Word Wizzard

Literary Luminary April, 28

Discussion Director April, 26

she rode a train to the concentration camp. Where the wedding was held. Closer to where Chayas house was before her parents died. Where her new house was with shmuel. Where shmuel's wife lived. she was treated as if she was inhumane. her guardians did not believe her. they also treated her as if she were dumb and moody. she is also jewish. she hated celebrating passover. her aunt doesn't want her to speak on the train. if she let her brother open the door she wouldn't be there.

Exemplary Evaluator April, 25

It shows that he does not believe Hannah. It as well shows that the adult is always right the typical I'm right you're wrong. I'm big you're small and there's nothing you can do about it. Even though Hannah is right shmuel will not admit it because he lives by this rule. As well others believe he is right once again because of one rule that others believe but is not necessarily true.

Connection Builder April, 24

We both say dumb stuff without really thinking. Like she yells at her parents and says things while not thinking about the consequences. I as well do that ALL the time. We both also like talking about things. We don't stay on a certain subject as well.

Character Captain April, 21

Discussion Director April, 18 The Devil's Arithmetic By Jane Yolen. Historical Fiction

"Suddenly Feeling like an adult"-Hannah

That she throws tantrums and acts like a kid most of the time but in certain cases and matters she likes to be considered an adult. Though what she does is not adultish what so ever nor a kind deed in my opinion. All she did really was allow her little brother to hide a handkerchief instead of her.

Sure she gets a prize that her grandpa will give her as a bargain for it back but she has done this for several years in the past instead of her brother. Which is selfish but she also may have given it to her brother because her dad will yell at her possibly and gave it to him in this state of mind. May I add it as well made her sound pompous that she said this believing only by herself that she is an adult. Which later when she is drinking watered down wine her parents don't think she can handle it which she can't.

Now yes being able to drink wine and not get light headed does not mean you are an adult. But it proves that though her parents think if she can't handle wine she is not an adult, that also means that anything in the past she has done has proven herself to be an adult. So in their state of mind her drinking would be the first adult thing she does.

Now everybody has a different idea of what an adult is. Whether it is age, how you handle yourself, or if you can handle drinking. Hannah does none of these and I am pretty sure giving your brother a prize by hiding something is not something.

Exemplary Evaluator April, 17

She is upset that her and her family celebrates the end of the holocaust. So she throws tantrums even though she tries to act like an adult. She hates celebrating events of the past. Then she is transported to the past. Though she cannot change a thing.

Literary Luminary April 10th

  • #1
  • ¨You´re so smart Ron-ron.¨page 18.
  • It signifies that even if she acts like she hates her little brother and is annoyed by him. She still at heart loves him
  • #2
  • She smiled at Aaron suddenly feeling adult. ¨You go look for it I'll keep watch here¨.page 16.
  • Even though she often throws tantrums she likes to be considered as an adult.
  • #3
  • "Now poppy", Hannahs mother protested. "she is only twelve". "thirteen" hannah said. page 15.
  • She has the mentality of a 7 year old even though she is thirteen.
  • #4
  • "All right Poppy"


  1. Hannah always was acts as if she is an adult.
  2. Yet when she gets pinned for something she says she is not at fault.
  3. when her poppy asked her to open the door.
  4. she had no idea what was in store.
  5. she was suddenly teleported to the past.
  6. now the idea of being with her brother seems like a blast.
  7. she now finds herself speaking yiddish
  8. They look at her weird cause she is skittish
  9. They think it is because her parents died
  10. there is to much to take in her brain is fried.
  11. END


There are no Connections what so ever they do not relate at all no kindness is shown so far there are no nazis.

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