exceeding The sub-christian life

Watchman Née was an astute Christian teacher. One of the terms he employed was, ‘sub- Christian.’ This is a useful term for this discussion - about membership in the Body of Christ and its relevance to our Sonship, the Kingdom and our degree of our potency as kings and priests. Indeed it relates to the authenticity of apostleship and the quality of apostleship because sub-Christian can mean an incomplete gospel, another gospel and a depleted gospel that is against fullness in Christ.

The shrivelled 'strength' of the flesh and the law

Living from the law and the canrnal power of the one ring that rules them all

There’s a war against fullness in Christ. The counter plan to Christ our life wants to rob us of the fullness of His life. The result can mean that we pride ourselves in belonging to the Body, while possessing a mere fraction of the fullness that us ours in the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. The result can mean that we are a skeleton or a torso rather than a son of God. ‘Fullness’ means the end of all valleys of dead bones.

The princely dignity of the sons and daughters of God

Kings and Queens of Narnia - the kings and priests of the Kingdom

a crooked house and a crooked man

Should we have a crooked gospel,we will certainly find ourselves sub-Christian, less than Christ and debilitated. Debilitated because by our own choice or the dilatoriness of others, we are less than Christ, less than our inheritance and possibly a hindrance to the fulsome advance the Kingdom of unlimited life.

Insulated and constricted from the full gospel by a half gospel

Other Gospels insulate us from fullness in Christ. They insulate us from the union with God that is ours so that what we get is droplets of grace rather than rivers of spirit and life. So we may technically be members of Christs Body just like we can be formally married to a spouse but have no real relationship. The new covenant means the end of Adamic divorce and the start of our marriage to Jesus. Don’t allow sub-christian, old covenant separation to impose a tourniquet between the vine and your branches.

unconstricted vine, branches and fruit

A picture of you, bulging with spirit and life

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