Spooky Strings

Seniors Nicole Manning and Kayden Casey play their violins dressed as characters from “Spongebob.” Photo by Emma Main
Sophomore Rui Dong plays his cello during “Zombie Tango.” Photo by Emma Main
Orchestra teacher Thomas Wright conducts during the Spooktacular Halloween Concert on Oct. 29. Photo by Emma Main
Lal Nun Mawai, dressed as Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” listens as Thomas Wright opens the night with a speech. Photo by Emma Main
Senior Josh Finley plays his bass dressed as the tooth fairy. Photo by Emma Main
English teacher Sam Hanley makes jokes while narrating “House of Untold Horrors.” Photo by Emma Main
Created By
Jordin Baker


Created with an image by Nicolas Picard - "A frozen morning can reveal amazing little things. Before going to work, I took a few minutes to shoot this iced spider web, an abandoned kingdom in the middle of winter. I really love the power of macro photography to throw you in miniature and parallel worlds, so a garden becomes a universe to explore for hours…" Jordin Baker