Good life at the Harn Museum of Art By scott stingle

Medium of the Art: This painting stood out to me because of its bright colors. All the other paintings around it were dark and depressing, but this painting had bright colors and frame which made it seem joyful and unique. It seemed like the painting was saying to always stay positive and happy even when everyone around you are gloomy.
Design of the Museum: The way that this sculpture was isolated and put in an environment that resembled nature made it seem more valuable and gave me a different perspective on it than the other works because everything else is in a glass case next to other works, but this one was by itself and displayed in a way that made it look like it was in someone’s yard.
Art and Core Values: This artwork shows hard work to me because it shows a donkey reading music so I interpreted this as even a donkey can read music if he works hard enough. The emotion I felt when looking at this painting was pride because not everyone is born equal some people have many disadvantages, but can achieve greatness through hard work.
Art and the Good Life: This outfit conveys embodying because these tribe folks dressed in these colorful elaborate outfits. Although now this outfit would be considered weird back then it was considered the coolest thing out there. This helped me gain a better understanding that the way society views the “best” body is always changing so you much find a way to show your body that you are comfortable and confident with.

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