fox By: Danielle

A fox can run up to 31 mph
Foxes eat small mammals like birds, fish, crabs, fruits, and berries
red foxes live in North Africa, North America and Eurasia
Females foxes seek out dens made by other animals like rabbits or badgers, but will dig their own den if necessary. Foxes in the wild curl up in a ball out in the open to sleep retaining warm by covering themselves with their tails
During the mating season the mate fox will do all he can to defend his partner.They must find young females that don't already have a mating partner two foxes fight each other.
Foxes do a lot of hunting at dawn and late at night, but can hunt anytime They hunt by stalking their live prey.
red foxes can be pregnant for 49-58 days
Red foxes can live up to 2 - 4 years
They build small burrows or dens in grasslands to protect themselves from predators such as wolves.

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