The Divine A play for sarah Bernhardt

Spatial Experience

Prior to this play I had never been in the Constant Theater, and had never noticed that it was right next to the entrance of the Reitz Union. I was excited to enter the theater and watch the play for the first time. As I walked in and got seated I noticed the beds on the stage in what seemed like a church. I thought the setting looked really cool and took a picture. I was seated close to the front and was able to high five some of the actors in the middle of the play. I feel like the seats I had made me more engaged into the play versus if I was in the back of the theater. The lights dimmed soon after I was seated, and signaled that the play was about to begin. Everyone in the theater became quiet and shifted their attention toward the stage. Overall, I feel like the spatial experience is a big part of good life. The spatial experience to me is being comfortable in where you are at in life. During the play, the dimmed lights and the comfortable seats made me feel happy and calm.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with a friend I had in the good life class. Prior to the play, we prepared for the play by reading the synopsis of the play. Attending the play with a friend definitely enhanced my experience, because I was able to share how I felt about the play with another person. I believe that the role of shared experiences is essential for a good life. In life we share different experiences from happy to sad with strangers, family, and friends. These shared experiences are what builds relationships, trust and friendships with other people. Sharing experiences is how we connect with each other and a essential part of a good life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issues addressed in the play are corruption in the catholic church, and corruption among the rich and powerful. Prior to the performance, I had never gave this topic much thought because I grew up in a atheist middle class family. However, after seeing the play I realized that much of the issues addressed in the play are still present in modern day society where the rich abuse the poor. An example of this in the play can be seen in child-labor, where Talbot's brother worked in a toxic environment at a shoe factory. This can also be seen in third world countries where children or poor people work in factories to make ends meet. The play opened my eyes and look at life in a different perspective, particularly as a person of less wealth or privilege in society.

The Emotional Experience

The play The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt provided me with the opportunity of Katharsis by opening my eyes to the world of corruption within society. Emotionally it made me angry at the fact that corruption exists at every level within society particularly in government, and lower class. In the play Talbot's brother, a kid died from working in unsanitary/unhealthy environment. Child labor is a form of abuse and should not be allowed, instead kids should be focusing on themselves in school rather than working. Talbot himself also faces corruption within the church, where he is given the chance of free education if he chooses not to rat the priest out for abusing him. This shows that power or wealth has the ability to alter people's decisions in a negative way. Overall, the play gave me a new outlook on power and corruption.

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