Game Breakdown A Game Developer Consulting Service

Game Breakdown

Game Breakdown is a support service we offer game developers. Each session is hosted in a virtual space where our team can play your game communally, watch each other's screens, breakdown your game's design, and equip you with the tools needed to improve. You'll get a mix of design consulting, business advice, play-testing, and brainstorming all in a collaborative, communal, and fun session.

Feedback is an essential part of game development. Most indie game developers fail to get adequate feedback from players and other designers. Our Game Breakdown sessions are a feedback party where multiple designers will engage with your game while contributing valuable insights.


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For most independent developers the pricing for a singleĀ Game Breakdown session is 200$ USD. Each session is 30 minutes - 1 hour. Each session is hosted by core Design Oriented staff including Richard Terrell (see portfolio).

Additional sessions for the same team + project are eligible for progressive discounts. We want to make it easy and smart to get high quality feedback throughout the entire development of your project.

Contact Richard Terrell (richard@designoriented.net) if you have any questions.

Richard Terrell (@KirbyKid) is the founder of Design Oriented, creator of the Critical-Gaming blog, project lead of the Starseed Observatory, one of three designers of BaraBariBall of Sportsfriends, and creator of OneSmash.