Adobe Spark 2 Todd Hollinger 2-22-17

Pinch pot, Pots thrown on the wheel, and my Stephen Curry Drawing.

The process of glazing my pinch pot.
After being glazed my pinch pot (Monster) is waiting to be fired in the kiln.
Just threw my pots. Next step- Glazing!!!
This is my finished glazed pots waiting to be fired in the kiln.

Skills that I developed during this project was how to throw a pot and how to glaze my pots that I made with many different colors/textures of glazes.

This project is meaningful to me because Stephen Curry is my favorite basketball player in the NBA right now. This project has challenged me because I wouldn't consider myself the greatest at painting with water color. Something that I would've changed is maybe not doing it in water color and try it again in some other type of media to make it look nicer. (Unfinished)

I believe the main artistic behavior I demonstrated was Explore Media in the Develop Art-Making Skills category because I believe that since the last blog/spark I have mainly focused in different medias like clay and water color.

By the end of the year I want to throw a cup with a handle that could be used for coffee or drinks in general to extend my art abilities.

Adobe Spark #3

Due: March 24th, 2017.

The construction of the cardboard abstract sculpture.
Playing around with designs while trying to figure out what would look best.
Experimenting Continued
Still experimenting

The Priming Begins!

All of us working on the cardboard. We started by priming the cardboard

After the priming and adding texture with the gel we began to paint the pieces gold.

Look at Adam! He is having the time of his life. Just look at the joy in his face.
Time for some 2nd coats of gold.

So far I believe my skills have improved through this abstract sculpture project because it helped me in developing collaboration skills with my classmates and it helped me learn about how much different a structure looks when you think about the details that make the sculpture stand out. (Like Texture)

I learned that using a wet brush wasn't the best idea for normal painting.

Artistic Behaviors

Some artistic behaviors that I believe I demonstrated was Create Original Art and Collaboration

I believe I demonstrated Original Art because we created something that hasn't been created before. A big jumble of cardboard painted to look like metal. This was original because it was painted by the one and only "Million Dollar Artists" .

I believe I demonstrated Collaboration because this was one of my few group projects that I have ever done in art and the first group project I've done this year. We had to contribute each others ideas to make a project work out.

How was this project meaningful/challenging

This project had challenged all four of us greatly because this is one of the more time consuming projects because we had to go through all of the steps to construct this project.

Personally what I liked best about this project was the challenging aspect of it. I have a tendency if a project is long to just kindv'e quickly throw it together so I can move on to something else but since there were partners involved I couldn't do that. Something that I may do differently is use a bit more time figuring out the design before we decide what pieces we are going to use of the cardboard.

Final Project

Created By
Todd Hollinger


Me, Myself, and I

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