Super Lexical By: Marlee Adams

Durmiendo - sleeping

• dormir como una piedra (sleep like a log)

• dormir (to sleep)

• u, not o

• think "dormitory"

Cima - peak

• alcanzar a la cima (reach the top)

• llevar a la cima (lead to glory)

• think "climax"

• of a mountain or pyramid

SonRisa - smile

• sonrisa tonta (dumb smile)

• sonrisa de oreja a oreja (grin from ear to ear)

• not sunrise

• noun

La capital - capital

• el capital (capital $)

• el capital (column, pillar)

• be careful not to say el

• cognate

Pérdida - loss

• bala pérdida (stray bullet)

• sufrir una pérdida (suffer a loss)

•don't forget accent on e

• comes from perder


• víniculos de amistad (bonds of friendship)

• amistad incondicional (unconditional friendship)

• remember "amor"

• from amistar

Oscuro - dark

• castaño oscuro (dark brown)

• el lado oscuro (the dark side)

• can also mean obscure

• think of scurrying in the dark oSCURo

Ala - wInG

• ala delta (hang glider)

• ala ancha (wide brim)

• noun

• think of the word as a picture

Merecer - to deserve

• merecer la pena (to be worth the effort)

• merecer especial attención (deserve special attention)

• yo merezco (present)

• think "merit"

Olvidar - to forGet

• imposible de olvidar (impossible to forget)

• sin olvidar (let's not forget)

• verb

• ironically, i always forget this one

Created By
Marlee Adams


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