H/W an examination of real life

I am a senior in the Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology. I come from two families whose dynamics are very different. These are the pictures taken on an exploration into both my families. My mom whose work is very intertwined with family and my dad whose work and family never intersect.

My mom sitting down outside of the flower shop located in Downtown los Angeles. It was a very cold morning.

Life lessons in the flower shop after work. I got hit after taking this picture.

My Grand-aunt Picking flowers in the farm nestled in between the hills of Ventura, CA. This is a family business.

My Mom making bundles of sunflowers which would later be sold in her flower shop. I was supposed to be helping.

My mom outside of the flower shop. The setting sun creates a beautiful background.

The Sunflowers being transported back to Los Angeles. There wasn't a lot of space in the car after this.

My mom asleep in the car after this tiring journey. Not a lot of space to sleep after loading all the flowers.

Going home after a long day of work.

These above pictures were all centered around my mother and how she spends most if not all of her time in the flower shop. Next up is the pictures of my father and his values.

This is a picture of my room with all the things in my wall. My room is right beside the kitchen. I relate a lot with the picture in the TV because that's what i say right after i ignore my own self.

My dad and his girl talking outside of the house after a carne asada. The food was good but it was cold so my dad brought out the heater.

Me hanging out with my brother. We were swinging on the hamaca outside of the house. We were eating spoons.

My little brother playing with the bubbles in my room. He tried eating them more than once. He seemed to like the taste of them.

A picture of my fathers birds. He has a lot more than these. They like him so much that they have conversations with each other.

An alter outside of my house. My dad is really attached to his religion and has passed this on to his children.

Another view of my wall. Momentos of my years in high school and life in general.

Photos by Ashley Dionicio

Created By
Ashley Dionicio


All photos taken by Ashley Dionicio

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