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You've had your photo session (you looked amazing, by the way), you've looked at your online gallery a million times, and you've even downloaded your photos to your computer. You might have shared a few on Facebook, shown your closest friends your gallery on your phone, but you have this nagging feeling that you should be doing more. So you start browsing Pinterest for photo display ideas, but quickly get overwhelmed and shut it down. Or you go to Walgreens, order a few large prints, only to realize that the color looks weird and not at all flattering (please don't do this) and you don't even know what to do with them anyway.

It's proven that photos can make us happier, more resilient, and more thankful...but only if you and your family can see them on a regular basis. Why do photos make us happy? We tend to take photos of the good things in our life (vacations, family reunions, new babies), so we are reminded of the happy times in our past. It's great for kids to see those photos often - it grounds them, shows them that they are part of a family, and reminds them of experiencing new things or of a parents' love.

This guide showcases the various products I have for sale and will inspire you to get your memories off the computer and into your life.

Wall Art

Think about the walls in your home for a second...what do you have displayed there? Is it a generic sign from Hobby Lobby (no judgement there...I LOVE Hobby Lobby) or is it a canvas of a sweet moment between you and your husband? Or a large print of your family hugging one another and laughing? How can you use your walls to remind yourself and your family every day of your connection and love?

Wall Gallery

My new favorite is the wall gallery. If you love the look of gallery walls but struggle to put them together on your own, this product is for you!

option 341

These are lightweight but sturdy wall panels that come as a kit. The sizes of the photos range from 5x5 to 11x17 and the size of the entire gallery can be anywhere from 2 to 30 square feet. This one on my wall is about 2 feet tall and 4 1/2 feet wide - it's amazing!

It comes as a kit with everything you need - template, pins, detailed instructions and even a strip of painter's tape to help hold it in place. No drill needed, unless you have hard plaster walls like we do! But even then, it took us just 15 minutes to hang the entire gallery.

Price for a wall gallery ranges from $150 to $2100...a gallery similar to mine costs $425. To order, simply let me know what layout number you prefer and "favorite" the photos that you want to include from your gallery. Alternatively, if you want to use your own photos along with photos from your gallery, I can put that together too! Then, I will send you a proof with the layout of your wall gallery and we can make adjustments from there. Once finalized, your wall gallery will be sent directly to you within 4-5 days!


one 24x36 and two 16x20

Canvases are popular and for good reason: they are sturdy, gorgeous, and a great statement piece for relatively little cost. Canvases ordered through me are printed on premium canvas wrapped around a stretcher bar and include hanging hardware on the back (saw tooth hanger for 20x24 and smaller and wire hanger for 20x30 and larger). They are also guaranteed to match your prints, resulting in a life-like look.

Canvases can be ordered directly through your gallery - just click on the "add to cart" button on the photo! Once ordered, I double-check the order for proper sizing before sending it to my lab. Then, you will find your order on your doorstep within 4-5 days! Canvases start at $140; I have the most popular sizes listed in the store. If you want a custom size, let me know and I'll give you a quote!


I LOVE albums, but then again, I'm a scrapbooker. I love thumbing through our albums from the mid-2000s and up through the baby years. Albums are easy to store and easy to pull out for an evening of reminiscing. If you aren't into scrapbooking, you can still easily give your family members a gift of memories by having me put together an album for you! To order any of these, simply tell me the album style you want and "favorite" the photos in your gallery that you want to include! (If you are interested in having me put together one of these albums using your personal photos, let's chat!)

I hand-design the layouts for each album, including 3-7 photos on each spread. I love the lay flat pages so that your photos can cover the entire page.

Rustic leather

This is my very favorite album - the cover is beautiful thick distressed leather and the pages inside are thick and durable. It would be a great choice for newborns, weddings, or senior sessions.

our trip to Oregon in 2017

This is an 8x8 album which is the perfect size to hold! It's heavy and has held up very well to my kids and grandparents looking through it often ;)

side view of rustic leather album

The rustic leather album starts at $500 for 15 spreads (30 pages) and engraving on the front flap. It also comes with a leather tie and a dust bag.

custom album

distressed leather album

A custom album is a classic piece: something you can pass down to your kids or keep in your family for generations. A durable cover and thick matte pages make it a joy to look through! I would recommend this one for weddings, newborns, seniors. and extended family gatherings.

wedding album

The custom album is truly custom: you can make it yours by choosing your favorite cover! Options include leather (standard, distressed, metallic, and pearlescent), linen, suede, and velvet at no additional cost (SO many colors to choose from!). If you want something different, other options for the cover include wood, acrylic, metal, or etched leather (additional cost).

side view of distressed leather album (8x12)

This album comes in a protective linen box. Price starts at $400 for a 6x9 and $550 for an 8x12, including 15 spreads (30 pages) and your choice of covers.

custom book

8x12 linen book and 6x9 faux leather book

The custom book is the little sibling to the custom album - the binding is slightly different and the pages aren't as thick. It's the perfect mix of budget-conscious and quality and will look great sitting out on your coffee table for family to glance through!

family session 8x12

Layflat pages mean the possibilities are endless for photo layouts! The book is perfect for family sessions, newborn sessions, and seniors.

side view of linen and faux leather books

There are two cover options for custom books: linen and faux leather, with several colors for each choice! The 6x9 book starts at $120; 8x12 at $150 - each includes 15 spreads (30 pages).


You guys, I am in love with these prints. Seriously, if you haven't held one and seen one in person, you won't understand. They have a deep matte finish which means that they are super soft (and who would actually describe a print as soft?!?) and it just fits with my style SO WELL. A photo of a photo doesn't do it justice, so just ask me to show you one the next time I see you :)

What should you do with prints? I hang mine on a metal card holder, but other good ideas would be chicken wire in a photo frame, string or wire hung across a window, a wooden photo box (often called an unalbum or loose album) or simply stuck to the wall with tape.

It's a little bare now, but I just took down all my Christmas cards!

For extra sturdiness, you can get any size print mounted! The mat board backing lets it lean against a wall without falling over...perfect for a desk or shelf! (Ask me about pricing for this - it varies with the print size). If you are interested in a wooden photo box, ask me for a quote!

Mat board mount on an 8x12 print

To order prints, simply click "add to cart" in your online gallery! I double-check each order before sending it to my lab and it will be delivered to you within a few days.

Feel free to ask me any questions about these or other products! I want you to enjoy your photos long after the memories from your session fade.


Cody Farrall Photography

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