Browning Machine Gun By: Zachary Ehlers

The Browning Machine Gun was used in World War 1 by both the Allies and the Central Powers at the time. The Browning Machine Gun was also known as the M1917 and was created by John Moses Browning. John Moses Browning was born January 23rd, 1855 in Ogden Utah and died November 26, 1926.

John Browning and his M1917.

He was a so called "Inventive" child, he created his first gun at age 13. He got these gun smith skill from his dad, Jonathan Browning. He had created many other guns and earned the title: “father of modern firearms”. One of the most deadly weapons used greatly in war was the M1917. The M1917 was a heavy machine gun designed to have a large rate of fire with out having to reload often and was also capable to have very few overheating due to the cooling jacket wrapped around the barrel of the gun. The cooling jacket was filled with water, the downside to that is clean water was very important especially in battle and the gun took extra water to cool it. The M1917 had a average fire rate of 400 rounds per minute, which was a-lot for the time being. His gun was easily carried it weighed about 38-pounds loaded and filled with water, when mounted on a tripod it weighed 93 pounds. Due to the weight and size of this gun it was mostly used in fixed positions, such as in trenches, but could still be carried if needed.

Using the M1917 in combat.
Reloading the M1917.

Both sides used this devastating weapon to slaughter each other in combat and to push back the opposing enemy. This person named Mitchell Paige below, used the M1917 to fend and kill an entire Japanese regiment until reinforcements arrived to assist him.


This weapon later had influenced many designs of guns today and many of his weapon techniques are also used today. In your home today you could have a "Browning" branded weapon. John Browning legacy is still remembered today for his advancements in guns.

M1917 used in World War 1 combat.

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