Where History and Art Connect Glencoe Mansion Museum & Gallery Radford Virginia

The Glencoe Mansion Museum & Gallery in Radford Virginia combines the best of both worlds. This Museum is the beautifully restored home of General Gabriel C. Wharton and his wife Nannie Radford Wharton. The Art Gallery will present a Photography Exhibit by Dale R. Carlson called "MOUNTAIN RAIL TALES" opening June 4, 2021. General Wharton was a promoter of railroad expansion in Southwest Virginia and started the New River Railroad Mining and Manufacturing Company to reach the coalfields. This Exhibit includes photographs that depict railroad heritage in Appalachia. Art and History can co-exist to offer the best of both worlds. It will give those who visit an appreciation of fine art photography within a historical context. Visitors will be greeted with historical furnishings that show the Whartons were a prosperous family in the region.

Glencoe Mansion Parlor

Through the museum you will also be able to enjoy the Fine Art Photography by Dale R. Carlson. His photos in this Exhibit offer an artistic insight into railroad heritage in Appalachia that offers a profound connection between art and culture.

All Aboard - by Dale R. Carlson

A walk through the Wharton family home in Southwest Virginia shows what an influence General Wharton had on this region and the coal industry. The Glencoe Mansion restoration offers valuable information in a way that brings this period in history to life. Visitors will also find exhibits related to the overall history of Radford and its development.

Glencoe Mansion

The “Mountain Rail Tales” Exhibit is a compilation of photos of past and present railroad heritage of Appalachia. All across the Appalachian Mountains culture has been influenced by railroads. Dale R. Carlson's photos are examples of railroads in this region and his artistic format will be of interest to art and history lovers in the New River Valley and Blue Ridge Highlands.

Steel Wheels - Dale R. Carlson
Waiting on the 611 - Dale R. Carlson

"While at the site, be sure to check out the Mary Draper Ingles Cultural Heritage Park featuring the bronze statue Mary and the New River Train Observatory directly in front of the mansion. It was designed and built by the architectural students at Virginia Tech University and is definitely the perfect end to your experience!

New River Train Observatory - Dale R. Carlson
Mary Draper Ingles - Dale R. Carlson

The "MOUNTAIN RAILS TALES" Exhibit will run from June 4 - August 29, 2021. Plan your visit Radford to take in this special exhibit at the Glencoe Mansion Museum & Gallery, 600 Unruh Drive, Radford, VA 24141. GlencoeMansion.org For more information about Dale R. Carlson's photography check out the Bluemoonistic website. Artistic products from the Exhibit will be offered at the Museum Gift Shop.

All Photos by Dale R. Carlson - Bluemoonistic Photographer. Created by Becky B. Carlson - Bluemoonistic Studio Art Director www.bluemoonistic.com

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Dale & Becky Carlson


Photos by Dale R. Carlson - Bluemoonistic Images Photographer www.bluemoonistic.com