First Aid By: Libbie geralds

First aid treatment for cuts: Cuts are when something hurts you and you get a cut and what could help that is like butterflies bandages or super glue and a band aid.

This is a cut on a hand.

First aid treatment for bruises: Bruises are when you pretty much pop a blood vessel and it turns your skin colors and for treatment just use ice a couple times a day.

This is a bruise.

First aid treatment for 1st degree burns: 1st degree burns are very mild they are as bad as the others and also for this you can use ice.

This is what a 1st degree burn looks like.

First aid treatment for 2nd degree burns: 2nd degree burns are when just the first layer of skin is gone and to treat it you have run under cool water.

This is what a 2nd degree burns look like.

First aid treatment for 3rd degree burns: 3rd degree burns are when you get burned bad and it has blisters that never develop and treatment is you are probably going to have surgery or just heal on its own.


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