National sports day

The national sports day is a day celebrated on the 16th of February and it will be a all-star game day for every national sport played in the USA on this day every person will get the day off work. "A all-star game is a game we're the best of the best players get to be selected to go against each other.

This day will be celebrated for : 1.) the money from the day goes to the economy , 2.) this would give people a day off and make sports and science the money goes to the economy they make millions or possibly billions of dollars. :)

Sports such as baseball and football aren't played during February so more NFL and MLB fans would come and watch.

Sports are in top 5 most watched TV shows.

The month of February is already the month with the most federal holidays so one more won't hurt and plus for the people who don't do sports who could argue with a extra day off. ;)

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