Prayer In The World BY Christian Turner and Jordan Host

How is prayer a type of action?

The purpose of praying as a family or at church is for there to be an outcome, an action. When a situation or event doesn't go your way, we go to prayer or we try to find a way to make the situation happy or positive. When it comes to prayer we wish to follow our thoughts with actions and as we should, because without action what is the point in prayer.

How does praying for situation or situations that need or needs justice and change, actually contribute to change?

God has so arranged his world that we have the ability to make significant choices, some good and some bad. By praying for a situation that needs justice and change we can create a sense of hope and reliability in the situation that is taking place. If praying as a group it makes each person feel safe among those taking part in the prayer as well. This is our way of making significant choices in the world and god is able to weave our requests into his eternally good purposes. An example, praying for the tension between North Korea and America we create hope and reliability and a sense of change and justice for the American and North Korean people. We also pray that the tension between the two countries doesn’t lead to a nuclear war.


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