Water Properties Final Report Gaby Roman & Hannah Cote

Water forms a dome-shaped bubble above the penny because water is hydrophilic.
The soap effects the cohesion/ surface tension of water because the bubble doesn't hold as much water when there was soap on the penny. The proof we have of this is that there were less drops on the penny with the soap than there were on the penny with no soap.
Salt is a polar substance. Cooking oil is a non-polar substance.
These properties of water are significant to living things because it helps them carry out their daily processes such as cooling, which is due to specific heat capacity, and transpirtation, due to surface tension.
Cohesion is when water is attracted to water. An example of cohesion is when rain falls as drops from the sky. Adhesion is when water is attracted to other substances. An example of adhesion is morning dew on the grass.

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