Interwar adobe slate Mitchell giles ,zachary Keller-BiEs

The democrates

America symbol for government party


Movies become big entertainment

Black Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1929: because of speculation, stock market crashed plunging the nation into depression

Led by Hebert Hoover in early stages of the depression years

Social security act 1935 provided unemployment and old age benefits

New deal = a series of reforms in an attempt to drag their country out of depression



Farmland as well as entire cities of the North lay ruins as a result of battles from WW1

Signed a mutual assistance treaty with Czechoslovakia and Poland

The Locarno pact in which a series treaties state problems will be solved peacefully and guarantees existing boundaries

War time alliance with Italy comes to an end

Spent large amount of money to fortify boarders with the maginot line

Had a massive plague of disease and sickness


Germany leader during the time

Leader known as der fuher

His inspired speeches led his peolpe they could restore

Nazi party Adolf hitler becomes chancellor and begins third alliance

The welfare republic was the establish after the war

To help rid the country of the communist party staged the burining reichdag building

Open viaolation of the treaty of Versailles

The beer hall putsch punishment

Began fascist doctrine that applied to upper and middle class

The Lornano pact in which a series of treaty state problems

Violence played a major role in politics

No concern for human rights

A single political party dominated by one man

In a book by the future known has mein Kampf with his theory


Italy during interwar

Youth followers known as "son of the wolf"

No concern for human rights

Fascist leader known as Benito Mussolini

His black and white shirts broke up strikes inmanited workers

Symbol of country is roman axe blunted with metal rods

Violence played a major role in politics

A singinal political party dominated by one man


Britain during post world war time

Out dated factories and "replaced" as industrial party by Japan and u.s

Ramsay McDonald ,leader of labor party in political arena

Easter riseing

Revolt against their leaders to try to gain independence but Resulted in execution of leaders

IRA terrorist group fights for their independence

Ira fighting group

The Lorano pact a series of treaty problems

Italy leader worked and liked the famous speeches of Adolf Hitler during the war

Soviet Union

Leaders of the soviet union

The 5 year plan

Vladimir Lenin rose to lead the country

All religion was discouraged and in many cases banned

The death of Lenin lead to a power struggle

The "purge" rid the country of party members suspected being dis loyal

Milllions of citizens were to gulags = concentration camps

Said it would end all class divisions like teachings like Karl Marx

Became a demand that economic or government would make all official decisions

Agriculture grouped to for, collective farms and peolpe worked together to bring in the crops

New enomonic plan kept industry communications ,transportation and credit system

Soviet Union five year plan explains


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