Ireland by Lauren Cavanah

Lowlands, left. Bogs, right.

Ireland is filled with many lowlands, bogs or lakes, rivers , and lots of hills .

Hills, left. Rivers, right.

Ireland is pretty geographically isolated from all the other countries. Ireland's isolation has caused the country to develop a rich history of culture and tradition that was linked to the Gaelic (Irish) language.

Cliffs of Moher, left. The Burren, right.

Now for landmarks. Here we have the Cliffs of Moher which is Ireland's most visited natural attraction. The Burren, or The Boireann, which means "great rock". Next, a picture of small part of the Killarney National Park (bottom left), and the Ring of Kerry (bottom right).

Killarney National Park, left. Ring of Kerry, right.

All landmarks of any country are important for tourism or important history of the country.

This is Ireland (red) in relation to the rest of Europe. Ireland is connected to part of the United Kingdom and north of France.

In Ireland, the people speak, English, Irish, Hiberno-English.

The main religion of Ireland is Roman Catholic.87% of the country considers themselves apart of the Roman Catholic religion.

Ireland, as you may know, is known for it's potatoes. They also have lots of stew during the colder months. Ireland is also popular for soda bread, which instead of yeast, it uses baking soda.

Stew, left. Soda bread, right.

A very popular sport in Ireland is soccer. In Ireland though, it's also called football, but the two words are used interchangeably. Another very popular sport is golf.

Football (soccer), left. Golf, right.

Irish housing to us is pretty normal. They have pretty much the same type of houses as America.

Ireland has a president, whose name is Michael D. Higgins. He is their 9th President.

Michael D. Higgins.

A few of the many events that affected Ireland are:

In 431 AD, Bishop Palladius, and aristocratic Briton, arrived from Rome to minister the Christ-believing Irish people.

From 1845-1849 was The Great Irish Famine in Ireland. This famine killed Ireland's staple food crops. About 1 million died, and about the same amount migrated to different countries.

In 1990, Mary Robinson became the first woman president in Ireland.

Ireland was not involved in the First World War or the Second World War. Ireland fought some wars within itself. Some of these include the Irish Civil War, Ireland's fight for Independence, the Easter Rising war, and many more.

One of Ireland's accomplishments was color photography, invented by John Joly. Another successful person was John Phillip Holland, who was the first person to successfully launch a submarine. There was also Louis Brennen, who invented the guided missile.


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