Weeks 3 and 4 Always learniNg And enjoying ouR time in year 1

It is always great to see Year 1 really trying to understand number. We were keen to show how we could count. Some of us wrote numbers up to 300. Some of us could see the patterns on 100 squares. The next step is to problem solve, and work out numbers that may be on the reverse on the 100 square.

We have been learning a poem. Some of us performed it to the class, we also showed our adults in our class assembly.

Developing our emotional literacy with Live Theatre. Helen and Ross came into school. We used our bodies to make weather sounds and shapes. We put all the sounds together to make a sound scene. We also used colours, images and our bodies to show emotions. We had a great time, the attention to detail in the pictures that some of us drew was great. Well done,

Developing our mathematical vocabulary, linked to capacity in maths. We showed our understanding of full, half full and empty. We discussed at length about the fact both parts need t be the same size.

Chantelle helped in Year 1, she spent some time helping us to sew. It was tricky to thread the wool, and keep it in the needle. However, we showed great resilince. Some of us developed our hand eye co-ordinationand sewed for a good length of time, well done.

We have looked at a new atlas app, which Shows continents and countries. It is great because we can find out new information about these places. Mr Walker worked with us, he asked us to write lists, and we had to locate a country and add to the list. We also thought about the initial sounds.