Clothing Lists

You’ll get 6 staff shirts to wear everyday from morning to shower hour

After dinner you can wear anything you want, most people like to be comfortable in sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, and jeans.

Weather can change drastically throughout the summer, Rain boots/waterproof shoes and Rain jackets are an absolute MUST at camp! Make sure the jacket is waterproof!

Nights off clothing will vary from activity to activity. Clothing may include anything from jeans and a nice top to shorts and a t-shirt.

Ladies, you may wear bikinis in camp. Just remember you are a role model for the campers and make sure it covers approriately.

Clothing at camp can get dirty and go missing easily given that you are in a bunk with a bunch of campers and their very large amount of clothing. Try not to bring expensive clothing that you definitely don’t want to ruin. You can never have enough socks and underwear!

Camp supplies you with health club size towels and you might want a larger one for showering and days off.

Color war is a battle between the entire camp. We are all split into two teams: White and Red! Extra red and white clothing as well as spirit supplies like beads and headbands, etc. will get everyone in the spirit.

We have a bunch of random times where we get crazy and dress up. If you have that special, unique outfit in your closet we encourage you to bring it to camp! Our weekly bar-b-ques are themed. This summer the themes are:


  • TLW – the wearing of the Red and White
  • Slumber Party
  • Fiesta
  • Halloween


  • TLW – the wearing of the Red and White
  • Beach Party
  • Disney
  • Halloween

We also have and “End of the Summer Bash”. You can bring a little dress or fun suit to wear. Boys get very creative with their outfits!


Orientation is 6 days of learning the daily functions of camp. During Orientation we all stay at camp. However, there is a field trip to the mall.

Things you can get at the mall that you don’t want to waste space in your luggage for:

  • Toiletries
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, razors
  • Bedding
  • Camp supplies you with sheets and blankets, however you may want to grab a $15 comforter/ duvet or a “bed in a bag” if that makes you feel more comfortable
  • Pillows are also supplied by camp
  • Beds at camp are what you would expect, so most grab an egg crate to make their bed just a little more comfortable

Orientation is the perfect time to get to know your fellow staff members! The one thing counselors tell us at the end of the summer is that they wish they had opened up more during orientation

Its hard to understand at the beginning of the summer but you will meet some of your best friends for life here. As our alma mater says “Friends are friends, forever.”

Days Off/Nights Off

You will get three - four nights off a week. This is a few hours (from 9:30 to 12:30) to unwind from your day and relax. There are a few things you can choose from to do on these nights:

  • Stay at camp and hang out
  • Movies
  • Shopping
  • Go out to a restaurant
  • And, the local establishments

Its important to be very responsible on your nights off. When you get back to camp you are responsible for all of your campers. If you are unable to take care of them, you will be risking their safety. Keep in mind that at camp everybody knows everything!

You will get 6 days off during the summer, during which you can do numerous different things:

  • Skinners’ Falls - A river with huge rocks around it to lay out and relax
  • Shopping at either the mall or the outlet mall (about an hour away)
  • Cooperstown (Baseball Hall of Fame) (about 2 hours away)
  • New York City
  • Woodstock
  • Hershey and Dorney Theme Parks

Feel free to ask any returning counselor for their advice on what to do on your days off.


At camp you can spend as much or as little as you like, however if you go out every night off and spend all of your days off away from camp, be prepared to bring extra money. A local motel can generally cost between $60 - $85, although the number of people sharing the room will obviously reduce the cost. Costs for transportation, shopping, eating out and going to the movies can all add up, so be aware that time off may result in you spending extra money – so budget for this.

Miscellaneous Helpful Hints:

As much as it’s fun to go out on your time off, having plenty of rest is always a good idea as it can be a long and hectic summer with late nights and early mornings. Don’t underestimate how tired you can be.

Be organized - think of ideas before camp that might help you get to know your campers better once they arrive and some games that might entertain them during down time in the bunks.

Be organized- its easy for things to go missing when there are 12+ people in a bunk with everybody’s clothes and various items. Its really important to set a good example for the campers by keeping clean.

To keep everything safe, we encourage you to keep your important documents, money, and any other important items in your locker in the Head Counselors Offices. You can access it at almost any time and this way you don’t have to worry about misplacing anything in the chaos of the bunk!

Arrive with a positive and enthusiastic attitude!! Although it’s hard work, if you put 100% into it, it will be the most rewarding and worthwhile 8 weeks of your life.

Seek the advice of returning campers to gain insight while you’re at camp. Nothing makes kids feel better and more respected than a counselor who asks for advice. Well, that’s about all we can think of for now. We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer.

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