The Boomer He's all personality... and then some

Boomer came to us around Thanksgiving 2010. He was a scrawny young cat who wormed his way into our hearts πŸ’™

"My good side"

Full of personality with a booming voice. You know when Boomer is in the room. He wants you to know he's there.

Such a handsome boy!

His full name... Boomerang the 1st. Why Boomerang you ask? It's quite simply because in those first early days he would disappear for a day or two and then re- appear. Boomerang seemed appropriate somehow. Like a boomerang he always returned.

Boomer also goes by... at least at our house

  • Little Man
  • My Man
  • Buddy
  • Pest
  • Pesto
  • CAT
"I'm not looking at you"

One noted characteristic of Boomer is that he does not like to have his picture taken. He quite often turns his back and sometimes he gets up and leaves. Many times I've had to pretend I'm shooting something else hoping he'll stick around and ignore what I'm doing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Here I was hoping he'd look up... not happening

"I will not turn around... I will not"
"Okay, I'll indulge her"

Boomer also likes to clown around

Yawn... exhausted!
"I wonder what she takes every day to work in this bag?"
"I do not resemble that cat in the least!"
"Water anyone?"
Super Cat ~ can leap tall fridges in a single bound

Boomer loves his other Family

Waiting and watching for his other favourite family to get back from out west

Boomer is luckier than most cats. He's adopted two families to love. Personally I think he's got more than the two of us on the go. I have a feeling there are at least two other households that he spends time at... okay maybe not time, but gets a meal or two from. Boomer is a most loved cat ❀️

Boomer is a joy... not necessarily at 4:45am when he decides he wants to eat and then go out, but all in all a wonderful creature that someone threw away. If only they knew what an absolutely loving furry friend he could be. Boomer has never lashed out, bitten, scratched or even hissed at either of us. He is a total joy to have in our lives ❀


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