Rhythm and Resistance Elijah w.

Elijah Ward

Poetry Introduction


The meaning of resistance is basically when something or someone is trying to make you doing something but you’re pushing back to not do what the person/it says or doing the opposite of what they’re trying to make you do. Resistance is most of the time a good thing for when people are trying to do something bad and are forcing. Resisting stops it or doesn’t stop at the time but helps stops it later. But sometimes in people's eyes they think when somebody tries to stop them it seems resisting is bad but it depends on which side you are on. Poetry can show resistance by posting it online or reading it out loud so everyone can hear and if by a chance it gets really lucky by it getting popular. And if most people agree with you then they might start to fight back and some of the times it actually does work. The reason why this unit is called “Rhythm and Resistance” is cause of showing how words and rhyming can be very powerful to people and they can show resistance to what they’re going against like a decision that the government made, or a decision that a certain famous area made a law about to something. This to show how rhythm and resistance are basically partners. Well the reason why I wrote the poems that I wrote was because well number one was to get a good grade but also to show people that think there can’t be a different perspective of certain things, that there is a way to switch certain things up, or have a different perspective of someone.

The poem that I will be representing is “Mark V (a poem against war)”, and this poem obviously is a poem against war as it says against the title. (right ^ here) Anyway this poem represents that not everything has to be a war, because to almost anything there's always another way to do something. What I think is showing the most resistance is a line at the very end “Don’t fight and do whats right”. I’m not saying fighting is always wrong, there are sometimes where there are huge reasons to fight. But also there are stupid reasons to fight or other dumb reasons like saying that you want 100% out of a fight but help with certain stuff to get rich or to get rich for other people. The theme that ties all my poems is that there always a possibility to get up and actually do something to help eachother out by making poems or somehow let everybody now that something is wrong and there's a way to fix it. I hope what you readers will take from my poems is basically the same thing that I said last sentence, to do something, because everybody has a chance to change the world!

This unit has changed my view of poetry kinda a little bit, cause right now I didn’t really know that poems can actually really be powerful in a certain why to motivate people. Like trying to say something through a poem to make everybody agree with you, and actually help stop what you want to stop. I’ve actually realized that basically anyone can write a motivational poem if they really try and put their mind to it it will work and there's a fifty fifty chance that people will actually hear and agree and if the poem is about rising up or stopping something people will possibly start to find a way to resist. And this what I basically think is what mostly resistance is; it's basically a way for some or most of us fight back to do what is sometimes right.

Mark V

(a poem against war)

You start in an engine, an engine of destruction

But you don’t really know how to use it like what is this function?

You get to learn the basics and how to shoot and drive

And then you go to war and and hope you don’t die

You see enemy tanks afar

They ride their tanks just like a car

There are other friendly tanks

They got your back you better say thanks

You hit two tanks but they hit with all their might

You hide in the trees and stay out of sight

You thought you were safe but you hear a hit

You try to move but you can’t and you just sit

There’s fire everywhere

and then you realized your training! It taught you how to fix this!, here!, and there!

You yell out we can make it!

All of a sudden PAUSE you realized all this is death and destruction needs a med kit

All this war needs to end but how?

And you’re like this needs to end somehow

And war apparently is always the answer

It always ends up like cancer

But can possibly be healed

If we just yield

And don’t fight

And do whats right


I am a Woman

I am a Man

I wake up

I wake up

I put on a hat and go to school

I take hours to make sure I look perfect

I chill out with my fam

I gossip with my friends

Go on TInder DANG! Swipe right

I take a selfie with friends and add the perfect filter

Then we separate and go to class

We continue to gossip and go to class

I am all alone and on my phone

I am literally the loudest in the class

I go to lunch and hang out with my Bros!

I gossip and talk about the new clothing that is going to come out

Goes home

Goes home

Goes to bed

Goes to bed


Touchdown! as I jump up, dance and yell!

As it seems football puts up a spell

Touchdown! as I see the running back runs into the endzone

As it seems I he has a respectful tone

Touchdown! as I see my man doing his dance

AS it seems I too can make my dance

Touchdown! As I start practicing for the big game

As it seems I finally get a chance of what I want to be in the hall of fame


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