A week of Firsts

Hello Friends, It's been a whirlwind of a week!

This week we had an excellent teaching on the book of Romans. Unfortunately we did not make it all the way through the book, though we did make it most of the way through. It was an excellent reminder of the Gospel (Good News) and a reminder that we can't work for our salvation. It is by God's grace alone that we are saved. My notes are in the link below if you should be interested to see them.

For two days this week (plus a couple of hours a third day) we had no power for all of the day (from about 9-6 each day). So we made the most of it when it got dark. No power means no running water, so dishes, cleaning and such were an experience. Not having electricity and running water makes you infinitely more thankful for the reliableness of those things (and other things) at home!

Candle light for a time because of no lights

Today my room had an adventure. My roommate was getting out of the shower and almost stepped on a small scorpion. So we had to hunt, find, and catch said scorpion (whom we lovingly named Fredrick). We found the scorpion and then lost it and then found it again. My roommate, Amy, bravely caught it in a glass while I recorded the whole ordeal. We then had him exterminated so as not to bother us again. We also went to church in Korçë. That was nice. It was a nice, smaller, church. And I had a good time with everyone.

We have multiple teachers this week from Korçë and we do not know the topic of the class(es). Next week I will be gone on long weekend so my blog will be late.

Have a great week!


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