From Food To Tech Daniel Mullings

Your learning experience is enhanced through the use of online and mobile technologies in and out of the kitchen.

My learning environment is quite unique in that it was for some time influenced by two great men, chefs: Larousse Gastronomique and Auguste Escoffier's; whose model of a working kitchen is the one used today in most restaurants.

At university I struggled with my studies due to dyslexia and was given a computer to support my learning. Upon qualifying, it became clear to me that there were others who had had the same or similar experiences and it has been my goal since to look to technology in the effort to redesign teaching and learning within the hospitality industry through education.

Technology Transforming learning 2011

Students are using an iPad as a tool to improve their learning. I monitored students’ progress, wrote coursework ibooks and set targets to raise attainment.

My world in 2016

Outside in the classroom

Finding out more about plants & wildlife
Up close
Far Away

Tech In sports

Sports science students learning how to use apps that enables them to instantly capture, analyse and share performances using the video to develop their sport skill
Teachers also learn how to use apps to record and monitor students’ progress from theory to practical.
The results are always the same In addition to appreciating the way students are engaging, some instructors are excited by the flexibility it gives them in interacting with, and grading students coursework.

Augmented Reality

Brings the dinosaurs to life and allows me to deliver educational information
Allows my students to journey inside the human body in compelling and interactive ways,
It also enables my students to use multiple apps to easily create, manage, and track augmented reality experiences.
Building local communities using Apps and Storytelling

Robots and Learning

Robots are used to improve the children's basic programming skills.
Using it to program a Bee-Bot to play football
Students use multiple apps to create an Epub that introduces the concept of programming to younger children and showcases their work.
I'm not sure who has the most fun using the robots the students or me.

It is clear to me that over the past five years digital technology has captured the imagination of both teachers and learners in a way that no previous technology has.

The role of an Adobe trainer and a Mentor for ‘Apps for Good’ has committed me to devising an extraordinary approach to support the next generation of ‘Digital Leaders’ through exhibitions, presenting a global perspective in a variety of formats to help them address educational challenges and dramatically improve student's performance.

My crowning glory was to be asked to design a tech learning suite dedicated to the development of 'hands-on' creative activities.

One of my proudest success stories came early in 2015, when I was invited to become a ‘Digital Learning Adviser’ for ‘Digital Leaders’ representing the South East of England by Paul Whiston, Managing Director of Whiston Solutions Ltd extenuating my work to the wider education community.

Well, that's about all I can say about me now time for the adverts

Digital Story Telling

360° in the classroom

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Daniel Mullings

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