HELE Business plan


Vendre is a sari-sari store. It is open from 9:00AM-9:00PM. Our vision is to be a well known sari-sari store to others. We want our sari-sari store to have no struggles. Our mission is to make our items abit cheap for customers to buy our products. We want plenty customers so we can earn plenty money fast. The location is 227 Maria Christina st. Ayala Alabang Village. It is easily accessible and easy to find. We don't serve any public transportation. The location needs 2 counters that are combined and one wide window. The length is 7ft. The width is 5ft and the height is 7.5ft.


Vendre is competing against The Juan and Only Sari-Sari Store, Tiendita, SBTD sari-sari store, Cheap-Feast Store and Saanman Sari-Sari Store. We advertise our sari-sari store through posters.

FINANCIAL PLANThe electricity costs Php870. The stall is Php6,000. The window is Php1,530, the snacks and drinks cost Php9,876. The start up budget will be Php18,276. For the pedaling budget. The company will pay Php870 for electricity per year. The company will pay Php9,876 per year for snacks and drinks.


The Chips are : Cheetos, JalapeƱo Cheetos, Ruffles, Cheese Ruffles and Piattos. The sodas are: Pepsi, Coke Regular, Coke Zero, Mountain Dew. The candies are: Mentos, Pochi, Maxx, Chupa Chups Lollipops. The bubble gums and chewing gums are: Hubba Bubba, Doublemint and Mentos Pure. We also serve Cup Noodles, Yakisoba, Beef Jerky and Canned Spam. The chocolates are: Toblerone, Snickers, Twix, Flat tops, Hershey's, Kisses and Mars. We serve normal drinks like: water, Minute Maid, C2, Mogu-Mogu and Nestea. We also serve homemade French fries. The flavors are Cheese, Sour Cream and Barbecue.

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