Gamma Rays Ethan Wood

Electronmagnetic waves are caused by the transfer of energy into photons by some explosive event. The disturbance for electronmagnetic waves comes from the oscillation, confliction, fluxuation of electric and magnetic fields. When some massive disturbance occurs, such as the death of a star, gamma rays are produced to transmit the high amounts of energy created. Gamma waves are so high energy that they can pass through and consequently destroy almost everything.

Super novas create gamma rays that collide with our atmosphere for stunning and dangerous showers
When the gamma radiation of a black hole is focused at earth it is called a Blazar.

When gamma rays come into contact with our outer atmosphere, the ionosphere of be precise they are not capable of transferring energy into the atoms, and cannot pass through ions located within and collide with explosive force. These collisions are often seen as lightning strikes, or shooting stars, but are in actuality discharge of gamma ray energy. This is not to say that gamma rays are not present on our planet. It simply explains why we haven't all died from an enormous gamma ray burst yet.

Gamma rays in our atmosphere often discharge themselves through and combine with lightning strikes.

Once scientists discovered the powers of atoms, and how they can be harnessed to make nuclear energy the production of gamma rays within our atmosphere began.

However gamma rays existed on earth even before then in radioactive elements, potassium and bananas.

Whenever a nuclear weapon is detonated, or a reactor fails stupendous amounts of gamma rays are released. This is more commonly known as nuclear fallout or radiation. The rays when interacting with human or really any other cells, end up destroying them through their high energy. This can cause deficiencies and diseases in the cells hit. The destructive power of the rays is harnessed to treat food and cancer. When the rays come into contact with the bacteria cells on food they kill them off making the food safer to eat. When the rays hit cancer cells inside tumors they kill them as well but may destroy healthy cells around the tumor as well.

We also use gamma rays as a way to threaten and wage war with other countries. When we say we are going to bomb someone they step down because of the immensely destructive power of gamma rays. The radiation and effects thereof caused by the rays are the sad and dangerous products of gamma rays within our atmosphere.

We use complex machines to produce and harness gamma rays, for the treatment of cancer.

Gamma rays are measured as follows:

Wavelength: Gamma rays have a wavelength measured in picometers which are a trillionth of a meter

This is a drawing of an approximate four thousand times larger diagram of its wavelength.

Amplitude: measured in attometers or around a quintillionth of a meter, the equation is 10 to negative nineteenth power meters

The frequency is anything above 1 to the nineteenth power hertz

Velocity is the speed of light


Mrs. Hoey's knowledge and online resources

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