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  • A Tale of 2 Brains
  • Yo Mama (It really has nothing to do with your mother despite what name)
  • Reflection
A Tale of 2 Brains
Rule 1 – Boxes and the Big Ball o’ Wire


Their brains are made up of little boxes, there’s a box for every conceivable subject.

Keep in mind that the boxes...



Woman 's brains

Their brains are made up of a big ball of wire which means...

Everything is connected to each other

and it’s all driven by the energy we call emotion.

Remember :

If you have a bravado big enough to tell a person with this kind of brain that their feelings...

IN ANY WAY don’t matter,

you are basically committing suicide.

Rule 2 – Stress


Most men have a box in their brains with nothing in it. Appropriately, it is called...

The Nothing Box

It is where a man goes any time he has a chance, especially if he is stressed out. This is how a man can do seemingly completely brain-dead activities for long periods of time, like shooting hoops, fishing or mindless channel surfing on the television.

Starting early


Most women need to talk about whatever stresses them out. Unlike men, they DON'T have a “Nothing Box” nor can they ever understand it the way a guy can. If a woman doesn’t talk about her stress, she'll probably have a mental breakdown. If you happen to be the one this woman needs to talk to, keep in mind it's important that you give her your undivided attention. She doesn’t want your help or your advice, no matter how good you think it would be.

Pay attention if you want to remain in a relationship!

Important Note

Men and women often try to offer to each other their own solutions to stress, but if you know someone who has the typical “man brain” and can sense that they’re stressed out, just let them go to their nothing box – and don’t try following them.

Enough said.

Likewise if you know someone with the typical “woman brain” who is stressed, let them talk to you, and don't attempt to give advice, just listen to what they're saying.

Those men in this picture are probably not single because they can listen.
Rule 3 – Remembering Details


With as much time as men like to spend in the nothing box, not feeling or thinking about anything, men don’t really hang on to a lot of details; when they tell a story or, for example, recount what the plumber said, it is usually just the bottom line.

Guys see things rather plain.


As women’s brains are driven so much by emotion, they have a strong tendency to remember EVERYTHING, and when they tell a story of, say, something that happened at work today, they don’t just say what happened, the relive the entire event, practically transporting you into their experience.

Girls like the nitty gritty of EVERYTHING
Rule 4 – Single-tasking and Multi-tasking (Communication)


Men are...


They can focus well on ONE thing and do that ONE thing extremely well, but their brains...

shut down

to any other tasks, including to the task of listening.

If you see a man doing something, unless you know he’s wired differently, you can assume that he cannot hear anything going on around him.


The typical woman is a master of multi-tasking; she's capable of holding three different conversations, watching TV, cooking dinner, and reading a magazine, all at once.

Important Note:

Many women automatically make the assumption that multi-tasking comes as easily to anyone else, including men, as it does to them.


If you have vital information to give to someone, just to make sure they are listening.

Rule 5 – Sex and the Heart Connection


Typically men are much more interested in sex than women. And they are not actually driven in this area so much by their brains, or by their hearts, but by the chemical testosterone. This little hormone running in their blood drives them crazy.

He already knows what's about to go down!


Women are much more interested in connecting with others, especially their husband if married, on a deep meaningful level.

Important Note:

It's not accurate to think that the typical woman isn't interested in sex, or that a typical guy has no interest in reaching another person’s heart. It’s simply an order of needs and wants. The best example of this working well is in a marriage relationship, where the husband and wife both recognize what their partner wants and, in giving that thing to them, open the door to obtaining what they themselves want from their partner and both end up very satisfied and connected to each other in a very meaningful way.

Rule 6 – Giving and Taking


They love to take

They compete-taking, do business-taking, etc. Taking is a man’s default mode. Men need to learn how to give to have more success in their relationships with the women-brained. Women especially love...

unexpected kindnesses.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that...

The secret to living is giving.


They love to give. Women often think that they can inspire a man to give rather than just take, by simply giving more, because women...

love to give

This is their preferred course of action. They need to learn...

how to take in their relationships.

Important Note:

Pastor Mark Gungor places much more emphasis on WOMEN needing to learn about this, about putting conditions in place in your relationships, and he even gives a few tips for how to get a man to do stuff for you.

  1. Ask him more than once.
  2. Don’t try to use insult as a way to motivate him.
  3. Train him with positive reinforcement. (Appreciation)
  4. Barter with him.
Rule 7 – Self-Esteem


They tend to think quite highly of themselves. It isn’t hard for your typical man to see what other people may find pleasing about him.

Sorry! He was the first thing I found when I typed in arrogant.


They tend to suffer from lowered self-esteem. According to Gungor, this PRIMARILY applies to North-American, Caucasian women.

Important Note:

Remember that the single most attractive quality that a woman or anyone can possess is confidence;

it’s not about how tall, short, fat, skinny, dark, pale, oily, or whatever it is you may think you are.

Rule 8 - Theme


There’s something in the hearts of ALL men that lights up at the idea of overcoming obstacles, conquering the adversary, and living your dreams – the more dangerous or risky, the better. (It wasn’t a woman who invented football)

Men love Adrenaline rushers


Women love chick-flicks

Need I say more?

Especially to connect the “wires,” to nurture the relationships, and to touch the hearts of people.

Important Note:

There is one theme that manifests itself in both the hearts of men and women:

the hero always goes back for the girl

This means not only the obvious, that women like to be swept off their feet, but also that men have a god-given responsibility, or calling, or role, or however you wish to phrase it, to always remember at the end of the day, or anytime really, to return for their wife, children, or whatever other loved ones he might have because all the guts, gold, and glory in the world means nothing without them.

Yo Mama

GUYS, Dosen't the couple behind this box look happy?


Check out some of these quotes FROM that can make you have what they have.

Celebrity Quotes on relationships

(Yes, I understand the shock from the title, genuine long-lasting relationships DO, or HAVE existed in Hollywood!)

Let's take a look at what world-famous actor Paul Newman said in an interview:

As you can tell he was rather charming
"Why go out for a hamburger, when I have a steak at home?"
Mediocre Big Mac
Gorgeous fillet mignon
Hear is some veggie steak for any vegetarian I might've offended.

For those who didn't understand the analogy, he basically said why bother have cheap sex with some girl when you can make have the most intimate time of your life with the woman of your dreams?

Here is another world-famous actor who is good on the topic of love.

"Latin Lover" Ricardo Montalban said something pretty profound on staying true to your lover.

The taller gentleman
"Satisfy one woman all her life, not many women once. Any dog can do that."


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