If you are a Puritan and you love religion you should defiantly move to Massachusetts. Also if you are tired of long hot days move to Massachusetts where there is long cold winters.
Massachusetts was founded by John Winthrop and others, at Massachusetts Bay in 1630.
Massachusetts geography is not the best. They have long cold winters and really bad rocky soil. With the rocky soil farmers had trouble farming and they didn't want bad crops so they had crops imported from other regions. The only crops that grew well were corn, beans, and pumpkin. Some good things about Massachusetts geography is they have fast rivers, natural harbors, and a long coastline.
If you are a Puritan you would love Massachusetts because in Massachusetts religion is big. As you can see in the pie chart most people living in Massachusetts are Catholic.
Massachusetts has a specific colony. The colony they have is Colonial colony that is Self governing and the power is given to colonists.
A lot of people never know where the first thanksgiving is well it was in Plymouth Massachusetts. for food they didn't know how to make pumpkin pie so they made stewed pumpkin.
Another fun fact is in the year of 1692 witch craft started in Massachusetts. They accused their neighbors of witchcraft over 100 people were tried. In the end 19 women and one man were executed. Also Cats were associated with so called witchcraft.
Credits to Sadie Brown and Britney persutti

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