Mitchell Ashlaw and Connor Hanna Period 1

Hey come and visit are civilization in in ancient Egypt. We have the Nile River for water. If you wont to live next to the Nile choose the fertile land you should because the lands next to the Nile are most fertile. The Nile River has a triangle at the end of it. The triangle is called the Nile Delta.

This is the beautiful Nile River

We also have one of the tallest landmarks ever its called the ancient Pyramids. The pyramids are where the pharaohs go with all of their treasures when they die. A pyramid is a big building that can get up to 500 feet tall. The pyramid of djoser is the oldest pyramid, it was made in 2600 B.C.

These are some examples of the ancient pyramids

Also we believe in many gods and goddesses such Ra the sun god. We believe that the world was mad by a dark ocean. We also believe that pharaohs are gods that are humans. we have rituals that we would perform every day.

This is a picture of Egypt Religion

Fast Facts

Men and Women usually have up to four or five children. Only our Pharaohs and Priests are aloud in the shrines. We also live in two to three story houses. Our homes are also made out of mud-brick.

Our Ruler King Tut has just changed our religion from Monotheism back to Polytheism. King Tut Was about 8-9 when he was crowned our ruler. King Tut has finally opened the shrines after a big decision to make. King Tut has a pet dog that would love to meet you.

This is king Tut

Most of our clothes are made out of linen. We also have a lot's of jewelry. Men and women both wear skirts. We also use dark powder fir eyeliner it protect our eyes from the sun. We also wear plants in our ears. Us men also wear tunics and loincloths.

This is what we wear today

The food we eat are grapes, wild bulls, meats, goat provides, fish, onions and bread, and milk.

This is what our food looks like

Each year we have floods but, they are not bad floods they are good floods because they help us fertilize our field and crops for us. The fertilize is called silt that comes from the bottom of the rivers. We also have things to write on its like paper but its called papyrus. We also have jobs just like you guys and so we don't do the something over and over again we specialize our jobs to. We always have a surplus of food to and we also trade or barter.

This is a picture are agricultur.


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