Otzi's death By:Simran

WHo is Otzi,and how did he die?

Otzi the iceman is a 5,300 year old mummy found in the Northern Alps.He was discovered in 1991,while a couple were taking a hike. Otzi is special because he is the best preserved mummy known to mankind. Otzi remained intact because, he was preserved by the ice,that kept him frozen all these years and kept him from disintegrating. Otzi died around the age of 45.Researchers have found that Otzi originated from the Southern Alps based off his materials.Scientists have chosen to call him Otzi.

There are many theories on how Otzi the iceman died, some say Otzi was attacked and stabbed by some unknown murderer, some say he was a sacrifice, and some exclaim that he was killed by his own people.The one that reaches out to me the most is, that he was attacked in a hand-to-hand combat but ran away,and shortly got hit by an arrow which concluded for him bleed to death

Why I think this theory is most logical

I think this theory is most logical because,if Otzi was attacked by an unknown murderer, wouldn't he take Otzi's valuable axe and,wouldn't he hide Otzi from being found ? If Otzi was a sacrifice to the mountain gods,I understand why they left him with the axe (For him to be able to protect himself in the afterlife) but,the least the people around him could do is bury him properly.Some also exclaim Otzi was killed by his own people,but I don't think that's true because Otzi was killed in the mountains ( Northern Alps), and researchers have found that Otzi was from the Southern Alps.(based on his materials;clothing,equipment ect.) The theory of Otzi being attacked in a hand-to-hand combat, and then being shot after he ran away makes sense because, there were two wounds found on Otzi's hand and, there was also an arrow leading to his artery ( which pumps blood in his body) which means he would immediately fall on the ground, and that also explains why he was not buried.the conclusion on the Theory I agree with is,Otzi was in a hand-to-hand combat,he got injured a few times and, ran away.Then Otzi was shot by an arrow (person who shot the arrow remains unknown) which led to his artery and, he fell, which left him to eventually bleed to his death.


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