Renegade Attitude of Gratitude Highlights of the Week (Nov. 30 - Dec. 6)

Mr. Loeb

“Thank you for always going above and beyond for your students. You have created a perfect environment where we are each individually challenged to be better, but not overloaded with stress” - Shawnee Student

Ms. DiNatale

“For being a kind, helpful and positive person! It's always so nice to see your smiling face!” -Shawnee Staff Member

Ms. Roth

“Mrs. Roth I love having you as a science teacher because it is so much fun! The labs are enjoyable and the labs are fun too do, even if labs last year were my weakness. Thank you so much!” - Shawnee Student

Ms. Ritter

“For your amazing support and dedication to your students!” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Woll

“I think Mrs. Woll is so under appreciated for the work she does with me in my ACC US2 class because with the given things going around with COVID she makes sure we are taken care of first and then the unit she is teaching. She doesn't give us a lot of work which is nice considering some of my other teachers and their assignments but she also gives us a free period or time at the end to finish work from other classes which says a lot when she is teaching lots of history. I appreciate her so much because it shows that teachers at Shawnee care and understand students. Plus I love her class, she makes it so interactive and there is a new thing to learn everyday.” - Shawnee Student

Mr. J. Patterson

“For always having a positive attitude and making any class fun.” - Shawnee Student

Mr. Boland

“I truly appreciate Mr. Boland’s genuine compassion and concern that my daughter receives every support she needs to reach her potential at Shawnee. I also appreciate the professionalism Mr. Boland exhibits while supporting my daughter. He is a great asset to Shawnee High School.” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Scheffer

“You’ve been a great help in this first year of HS for us!” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Kirk

"Kirk - you’re an amazing teacher and I thank you for making class great every day! You’re the best:))” - Shawnee Student