The Effect of Television content on children

Children are the target audience of heavy product advertisement and the agenda of television content creators.

Children are like sponges, they absorb whatever is put in front of them because of their developing brains. Because of this, television marketers have found a way to make money and push an agenda onto children, all through the shroud of educational "children's" programming.

Television although a great invention, has the power to change the way people can think, starting from a child's perspective at an early age.

Unknown to Parents of small children, the television and it's children's programming has become a modern day form of propaganda because of the agenda trying to be pushed to change the way children think.

Studies have shown that Children are more likely to cause their Parents to spend money on a product if it has been marketed to them on television.

Is there an escape from the agenda and marketing of Children's programming?

Yes! Parents need to completely rid the household of children's television shows. Even if it is "educational".

A Child who's brain is in early development stages should not be in front of any television. Parents need to realize that there are alternative ways to educationally engage their children for long periods of time rather than sitting them in front of a television screen.
Children are the bright future of tomorrow, therefore they need to be raised correctly in order to impact the world in a positive manner. The earliest years of child development has the greatest impact on the child through the rest of his or her life.


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