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Cats are being living with us for the past 9000 years or so and despite our many efforts they haven’t really changed that much! Well in truth there was no real need to subject cats to any selection process since it was not really necessary to change them, they have always been purrfect in any way! Not only they are affectionate and very intelligent it has also been proven that they can relate to their human companions.

For each cat the development of behaviour clearly depends both on inherited factors (primarily genes) and non-inherited factors (primarily environmental influences). However, to look at a cat's behaviour and ask: 'Is it genetic or is it learned?' is to ask the wrong question. All behaviour patterns require both genes and an environment in order to develop. They emerge as a result of a regulated interplay between the developing cat and the conditions in which she lives. Also, different genes may be expressed in the same way in different environmental conditions. For that reason the cat's behaviour can be divided into two types - those patterns caused by internal factors and those caused by external factors ('the acquired' behaviour). Nonetheless, even behaviours, which are considered as "unlearned" are often modified by learning and by other forms of experience later in development.

The developmental processes generate a behaviour in the individual cat which sometimes remains unchanged once formed and sometimes changes a great deal. Quite often cats are behaving in similar ways despite remarkably different histories. Also cats are known for their versatility which makes them capable to thrive in different environments and seem to explain the similarities as well as the differences that are found in cats living in different conditions.

Although their behaviour in some cases might seem strange and unexplainable to us we need not to forget that it makes purrfect sense to them as they are different species than us! Although they can't express their thoughts and feelings through language like we do they still have their unique ways to communicate and even in some cases are known to be able to “talk” to their humans with their different “meows” and even to be able to help humans to recover from many physical and psychological conditions. There are occasions nevertheless that their behaviour is perceived as strange and often is being misunderstood by us! In these cases human carers need to make the effort to try and see the world through their cats' eyes if they are to understand and appreciate the nature of these some times 'strange' behaviours.

Some of the common cat behavioural problems are:

Toileting and litter tray issues

Aggressive behaviour towards other cats/animals and people.

Introduction issues with other cats/animals and even humans!

Loud meowing especially at night or in the early morning hours

All feline behaviour problems can be solved once you know why your cat is acting out!

So if you want advice on cat behavioural issues you can contact me by email at: kirkiecat@yahoo.co.uk

Some of these behavioural issues sometimes can be solved faster when the appropriate holistic treatment is used such as Bach Flower Remedies which are not only effective are also known not to have any adverse effects even in cases when accidentally the wrong remedies were taken and they can be taken by both animals and humans!

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