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Our Purpose Statement:

We exist to SHARE God's Love to a world that is lost, to OFFER ourselves to Him and to help students grow through DISCIPLESHIP and to get INVOLVED to fulfill their MINISTRY!

Upcoming Important Dates:

(Info & details are below for many of these dates)

  • 12/05 uTH Christmas party
  • 12/12 Noah Ayers Family Christmas Concert
  • 12/15 HS Christmas Party
  • 12/19-1/2 No UTH
  • 12/22-12/29 No Amplify
  • 1/14 Pizzapalooza 7-9 pm
  • 2/27 Epic Nerf War
  • 3/27-3/30 Spring Break Retreat
  • 5/15 Grad Breakfast
  • 6/6-6/10 Skyview Summer Camp (tentative date)

Skyview Dates!!

The official dates have arrived:

June 6th-10th

We KNOW It's A Struggle and We Can Help!

Is My Teen Ready for Social Media? Teens credit social media for helping to build stronger friendships and exposing them to a more diverse world, but they express concern that these sites lead to drama and social pressure

So, here’s the question…when do we allow our kids access to these platforms?

To start things off, let me say: This is a family decision. It is my opinion that each family must make this decision prayerfully and with as much information as we can gather...

Speaking of Social Media, have you ever heard of Discord? It's NOT Just a Voice Chat Server...

What Parents Need To Know About: DISCORD

MORE Than Just a Voice Chat Server

Discord can provide a healthy way for teens to connect despite the busy schedules and mountains of homework, but is the app as safe as they say it is? Thanks

Remember back to when we were able to schedule playdates for our kids? There were often challenges, but coordination happened and moms were busily chatting on a bench, coffee/tea in hand while kids used imagination and played on a nearby playground or even better, a McDonald‘s Playplace (you can tell what was popular for us).

But teens don’t take kindly to scheduled play dates although there may be some eagerness to grab a tray and hit that slide at McD’s. Our kids connect so differently and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

These kids are used to multitasking, after all they’ve grown up watching us do it, The difference is they’re much better at it. It’s why they insist that the Spotify playlist streaming from their phone, the notifications from DM’s, and the YouTube video streaming in the background are not a distraction. They connect with their friends in the same way. I watched my kids as teens, play a video game, stream music, and chat on a voice server with their friends. Other nights they’d all be in sync, on a voice server while one of them streamed a movie. Sometimes webcams were on to enjoy each other’s reactions, other times an icon or avatar would replace their camera feed. Either way, this was their version of hanging out on the living room sofa.


Here is the current message series and what we are teaching our students!

Noah Ayers Christmas Concert

Sunday, December 12, 6pm-8pm


Super Hero Christmas Parties

Come dressed like your favorite super hero in full costume or super hero shirt and a $5-$7 gift to share for our version of "Cut Throat Santa". Bring the gift either wrapped or in a gift bag!

Coming Sunday, December 12th!!!! Wear a full costume or just a super hero shirt!
Arriving Wednesday, December 15th!!!! Wear a full costume or just a super hero shirt!


We Have The Perfect Gift Idea!! 🎁

We think this is a WIN/WIN. They get an awesome Spring Break, with the focus on growth, building community, discipleship, and you get to give the perfect gift this Christmas!

Did we mention it has an indoor pool and a movie theater?

Secure your spot with a $20 nonrefundable downpayment. The $80 balance isn't due until March unless you'd like to pay earlier.

March 27th-March 30th

Located in an area of the Allegheny Plateau in Hocking County Ohio

Heated indoor pools, hot tubs, hiking, tons of space, a movie theater, and MORE! Our cost for the cabin is over $5,000 for the 3 nights and 4 days. Get the word out! Sign up soon or ask for THIS TRIP as a Christmas Gift! :D Take the virtual tour at the link below.

What Happens When We've Pushed the "Wrong Things?"

There is a danger that we are over-parenting, over-protecting, and over-thinking for our kids. The result is that they now lack critical thinking and worse they the ability to not be able to make their own decisions. It's why so many of them have anxiety and why so many of our teens are afraid to fail. Former Yale Professor William Deresiewicz:

"this generation of highly accomplished, college-bound students have been robbed of their independence because they have been raised in a petri dish for one purpose only: to attend an elite college that ensures their and their families' economic and social status."

This Is particularly dangerous because It has crossed over In to the area of their personal faith formation. Check out the REST of the article below...

2021 OCC Shopping for uTH!!

Noah Ayers Leading Worship for Cedarville University

Noah Ayers Live in Concert for a Family Worship and Christmas Concert

It may surprise you How Teens View "Same Sex Attraction"

Author Rachel Gilson writes: I believed that life was found by identifying my desires and rushing toward their satisfaction. I played this out in academics and especially in sexuality. My life beat to the pulse of Ariana Grande’s chant, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” The right response to desire was indulgence.

As parents raising teens in today's culture, we need to be aware that this is a common theme among this generation. Even if teens aren't openly embracing their sexual curiosity and desire, they are openly affirming to their friends and acquaintances. A lot of this stems from a fear of being "cancelled" by their peers and essentially forced into believing a worldview that is counter to the faith they've grown up with.


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"I Have Questions"

Our current message series helps students to ask important questions about their faith that will help them to GROW!

Here's What We Discussed This Week!


Dangerous TIKTOK Trends

You May Want To Be Aware Of

So what's up with TIKTOK? With it’s over 1,000,000,000 (that’s a BILLION) users each month, TIK TOK now knows it’s users better than their own parents thanks to it’s ultra curated algorithms. It’s what makes the social media platform so addicting and potentially dangerous as well. It’s good to know which trends, for now, might be potentially harmful in 2021.

[click above to link to article]

Majestic Oaks Lodge for Spring Break

Our Spring Break Trip Accomodations

Did we mention it has an indoor pool and a movie theater?

"Why did you do that?"

Asking this question may NOT give you the desired result.

"WHY are you lying to me?" This feels like a straightforward, simple question with an easy answer. “You MUST know why you are doing what you’re doing, you’re the one doing it!” But here’s the thing, your child most likely does not have the answer to this question....


In an effort to see our families and volunteers better we are always trying to make sure we are making things EASY to find and SHARE!

Here are a couple of links to some new online spaces so that you can easily find information on volunteering as well as parenting. These are both available by going to our website: shbcyouth.org

"So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! " James 3.5
Once our words are OUT, they aren't easily forgotten or ignored... Our current message series on the Letter written by James explores the importance of watching our words and using them to help others. (Check out the current sermon link above)

Girls Bible Study

Mondays 7-8:30 pm

Monday nights 7-8:30 pm our High School Girls have the opportunity to CONNECT with one another through conversation and study. We hope to be able to help them lay a Biblical Foundation for dealing with emotions or to be able to help a friend if that situation should arise.

We live in a broken, sad, scary place. We don't need to watch the natural disasters and political unrest in the news to know it; our own bodies tell us. Our bodies get sick. Our minds are fragile. The mortality rate for humans is astonishingly high. There is plenty to worry about. And the world is full of faulty solutions for our anxiety. But peace comes when we learn to hold God's Word up to what worries us. There, we learn we can't fix ourselves; we can't protect ourselves.

Instead, the Bible tells us we can rest, knowing that Jesus walked into the broken, sad, scary place to rescue us and love us. When we fear the Lord rather than the brokenness in our world, we are able to take hold of the perfect peace that is only available in Him.

Peace is found in the already finished work of Christ, revealed to us over and over again in God's Word, through prayer, and with our Christian community. When those of us who live with sinkhole awareness and constant cancer concern see the power of Jesus in the pages of the Bible, we can say with certainty, "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?" (Ps. 118:6).

Located at The Elliott's Home

1088 Swern Ln, Newark, OH

Book is just $10 if purchased from Kristin

Contact Pastor Mark if you need financial assistance in purchasing book =)



Only $50 to participate in this missions experience for families, teens, or individuals

Upcoming Missions OPPORTUNITY for those affected bY flooding

Sunday, October 10th – Saturday, October 16th

We hope you'll prayerfully consider joining our team, as we partner with Samaritan's Purse and head to Detroit on 10/10-10/16 to help homeowners in Jesus' Name with mud-outs and debris cleanup due to recent flooding.

WHY: June was one of Detroit’s wettest months on record, coupled with heavy rains that fell just over a week ago to create major flooding issues.

WHO: Team of 15 Individuals - Women & Men over age 18; Youth between ages 14-17.

WHAT: Flood Response - Volunteers will assist homeowners in Jesus' Name with mud outs and debris cleanup due to recent flooding.

COST: Just $50.00.


We want to help make parent’s job a little less overwhelming



Current Message Series

Title: "I Have Questions!"

Sometimes what We think...isn't always what is best

"My child deserves...."

There's no doubt that parents, and especially moms, want what they feel is the absolute best for their kids. But what happens when happens when that conflicts with the message of the Gospel of Christ?

Scioto CLimBing Park & Obstacle Course

This was a "POP UP" event that we added to help bring a little excitement to the end of summer! We went to Scioto Audubon Park in Columbus! Pastor Mark has the climbing harnesses and has been trained to help students use the self-belaying system provided at the park.

What Parents SHould Know

The "DUMP", Why An Apology from a youth pastor in Spokane, WA is shaking things up, and what does "POGGERS" Mean?

James 1:27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

Skyview 2021 ALL Photos From Camp

Psalm 92:1-2 declares: It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night...

Depression in teens and what it means

In today's culture, our teens, the Gen Z’ers are learning to test-drive a variety of differing emotions. The difficulty is that sometimes they have no idea how to explain or express them. For teens, their whole world is built on being social and for the past year that has been interrupted. During a normal year this can be very difficult for teens, but the pandemic has made this exponentially more difficult.

Think about it: our jobs as parents. Is to teach them to become fully functioning and autonomous adults. “Their job is to become more independent and to be able to go out in the world — and they’re being restricted right now. Imagine what that must feel like”

It really boils down to their understanding of the idea of privacy. When you think about privacy from their standpoint they don't want to be told what to do, who they can and can't talk to, or how they should be spending their time in general. In other words, the more I keep things private, the MORE FREEDOM I'll have. What they don't get is that privacy is about protection, not secrecy.


The question is not, does your child have doubts, but rather, to whom do they turn when these doubts arise?

This might surprise a few of you, but it’s not sinful to have questions. That being said, it's WHAT we do with the questions and doubt that makes all the difference. Consider the difference between Thomas and Judas. Both doubted that Jesus was the Messiah and struggled during his ministry to make sense of why Jesus wasn't fulfilling their ideas about what "Savior" and "King of Kings" should look like. The big difference come in what they DID with those doubts. Helping our students navigate these doubts is MUCH easier than you think.

This is a MUST READ for our parents!

Ever wonder why Pastor Mark makes funny noises?

Check out the above video....


A note from Pastor Mark: [To date. this has been one of the most difficult BLOGS for me to write, please tread lightly on my heart.]

We ALL have them. "Ghosts" or memories, things that have followed us from some distant memory that emerge from time to time as they attempt to hold us in bondage. "Don't forget..." they remind, "you can't have healthy relationships" they taunt.

Other thoughts scream at us: GET OVER IT!! STOP BEING A VICTIM!! Then quieter, if you really loved God you wouldn't be thinking about this or the more toxic: if God is real, then "why did He...?" The problem, these are all statements of feeling. And while we are very much a people of feels, it doesn't define Truth. But as a five year old when someone has tried to...

(pictured is Pastor Mark and his Sister Jen, now deceased)

uTH Sunday Nights 6-7.30pm

What FEELS SO IMPORTANT now will rarely be worth the fret, the energy, and the time away

Great Message on ANGER and "How to Deal"

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