Commonly Confused Words Willie kearney

Their - Thats there country that they are representing

There - There is a black dog over there

They're racing

It's - It opened its wings and flew away

Its - Its a bug on his arm

Whose - Whose candy is this

Who's - Who's going to climb the hill

Good - James Harden is a good basketball player

Well - She doesn't feel very well

Effect - The rain had an effect on everyones plans

Affect - Martin Luther king had an affect on black peoples lives

Accept - They accept each others deals

Except - Egg yoke is yellow except for the on in the bottom left hand corner

Created By
Willie Kearney


Created with images by NYCMarines - "Run past Wall St" • Tupulak - "Whats there...." • Jim, the Photographer - "Emily's Track Meet" • John Tann - "Biting Rhagionid fly with blood" • Freeimages9 - "mosquitoe mosquito malaria" • Sean MacEntee - "Candy" • Nicholas_T - "Banded" • jrg1975 - "James Harden And Aaron Gordon" • Mojpe - "woman blow blowing" • Daehyun Park - "20100126" • runneralan2004 - "Martin Luther King Memorial" • Meditations - "agree agreement asian" • fishermansdaughter - "unusually orange yolk (making crepes)"

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