Lucky Luciano The top boss of the new york gangs

Prohibition allowed criminals to exploit the system for money. Through this Luciano became one of the big 6 bootleggers, causing him to earn a lot of money, and live the high-life in New York.

Lucky Luciano acquired his name when he was attacked and stabbed multiple times but miraculously managed to surivive.

He rose to power as Luciano took over Masseria's (his boss) position as the top boss, with Marazano's approval. He became a leader of the one of the city's five families. He was viewed as a threat by Marazano so he sent a hit on him, but Luciano took him out first.

Wanting to improve his criminal gang, he sought to create a national organized-crime network to quell any conflicts, manage disputes and establish guidelines between the different operations. In addition to the heads of the five families, he brought in other crime figures from across the country, including Chicago's Al Capone. This new entity, sometimes known as the Commission, took organized crime to a new level.

Luciano’s lucky finally ran out when he and eight members of his vice racket were brought to trial in May. Convicted on extortion and prostitution charges in June, he was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in jail. He later died from a heart attack and was later buried by his parents.

But as time marches on and prohibition goes away, more modern day gang members like El Chapo distrubute drugs to get money
Another one of these notorious gang leaders and drug lords would be no other than Pablo Escobar himself, the man who had a worth of 30 Billion dollars all from the distribution of cocaine
One last type of gang with an even darker side would be the gangs that kidnap women to have them be used for sex trafficking. This happens very often in major cities and is a multibillion dollar operation.

If you wanna be a detective and solve a case look at the computer behind this.

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