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My main goal for this class is to broaden my knowledge and perception about different aspects of social media that I am not familiar with. After looking at the syllabus, I saw that the class would cover details about Snapchat Geolocation filters. I am excited to learn about the process that goes into creating and strategically using them because I use them everyday when engaging in Snapchat. As well, one goal of mine is to become more comfortable with the various software programs we will be using throughout the term.

Universal truth: The early bird catches the worm.

For this universal truth I want the Geofilters to be in locations such as college campuses or in areas of morning commuters. The Geofilters would only be in the early morning when people are going to class or work. The copy "today is your day to catch the worm" will be the banner which will be inspiration for getting up early and having a productive day.

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