A day in the life of Chelsi Toombs Brenda Marquez-Muchin College Prep

Looking through the video camera, junior Chelsi Toombs was making the sure the spot she chose was relevant to her topic. The students, in the Tv News workshop, were given a project, in which they had to create a video that focused on the topic they chose.
On her way to the auditorium, Toombs carried her friend's book bag, for her friend was already carrying the video camera. They were on their way to record her friend's video, which had to be taken both inside and outside the auditorium.
While her friend was recording her video, Toombs had an opportunity to take a picture of the fountain that was front of her. Toombs and her group spent all day with each other, recording their individual videos, with the one video camera they had.
While doing one of her interviews, Toombs was asking the interviewee questions about what he had to say about the wild life here, in Indiana University. One of the requirements, of her project, was to include an interview that focused on the topic she chose.
While practicing for her stand up, Toombs was making sure that what she was about to say was either ten seconds or less, and that it all made sense. All of the students, in her class, were required to include a stand up in their final video.
Helping her friend set up the tripod, Toombs was first making sure that the tripod was balanced, in order to put the video camera on it, and start recording the outside the Neal-Marshall Culture library. The students were all given a group, in which they all had one video camera and a tripod to do theirrecordings.

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