The Samurai

The Japanese became a military society after the government began to run out of money and lose power. The Fujiwara clan was losing power and the Daimyo, who were rich land owners, were gaining power. The Daimyo had their own armies, who were led by the Shogun. The fierce warriors, known as Samurai, were also loyal to the Daimyo and fought for them.

Samurai had very special armour that they were very proud of. Armour was made of animal scales,leather, and wood.

Their weapons were the Samurai sword, which was made of steal blades and the handles were made of leather.

A samurai had to go through a lot of training and hardships, like not eating for days, marching barefoot in snow, and hold stiff postures for hours without complaining. Samurai were trained in hand to hand combat and weapon training.

Bushido is the way of the warrior. Samurai also live by a code of honor, loyalty, and bravery.

Seppuku is ritual suicide. When a samurai doesn't follow Bushido, they dishonor their family. To get itheir honor back they have to perform Seppuku.

Samurai also practiced Calligraphey and Poetry. One famous poet was Matuo Basho. He invented a new form of poetry called Haiku.

Buddhism was created by a monk named Honen. These buddhists believed that everyone could reach paridice.

Zen Buddhism appealed to many Samurai because of its emphasis on effort and discipline. en stressed self-reliance and achieving enlightenment through meditation.

Samurai women enjoyed honor and respect. In 1200 the position of Samurai women declined. In 1800 the Samurai women were treated as inferior to their husbands.

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