Welcome to Donald trumps official vevo page 10/10 music. enjoy your stay (no muslims allowed)

Howdy old people of mineio I am gr8 music maker and singer. I have collabed with j biebs and Hillary clinty and we had good tem together. our little threesome came up with a song to go along with our new film, the towers, the plane and the terrosits.

"black lives matter!"- Angry feminist 2k17
"This site got me buzzing, we made all the honey"- Bees of the bee movie 2k16
"Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy screeeeeeeech this keep me happy while im serving my time in jailllllllllllllllllllll" - Hillary Clinton 2kXX

Back to the story!!! so this movie takes place in new York, this is an original idea where the terrorists are in the plane hijacking them and then boom they crash into two towers!!! however one person survived due to the wall he had built around him self (paid for by his trusty Mexicans.) Ever since that day he was determined to kill the terrorists so he joined isis, but one day he walked through a wardrobe DUN DUN DUNNNNNN and teleported to a mysterious land of tacos, bulls, sombreros and Not a lot of money. He was in the land of mexicoia. he met a big BING BONG truck that told him where to find the terrorists so he did what he was told and found them. he killed them all, went to jail, hung himself. THE END


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