Social Deviation What, why and how it happens (Part 1: what?)

Brief Foreword

Hi! I'm Aldian. Welcome to the lesson page of Social Deviation. In this page, we will discuss about social deviation: what it is, why social deviation happens and how social deviation happens in a nutshell. Since this is my first online lesson, I admit this isn't as good as one would have expected of a great lesson. But if you do find this lesson interesting, exciting, fun, by whatever means useful to your life, I am grateful.

Also please do not hesitate to contact me for further discussion, passing by, wanting to say a word or two, or perhaps improvements to this lesson. Thank you for joining us today, and see you in the next lesson (or anywhere). :)

See the picture behind this text? This is the society. A society is a group of people living in a particular area. As long as there is more than one person, it could be considered a society as well.

Now, what do you think is beautiful, in general?

What do you think is good? What do you think is bad? Is smoking good? Is drinking good? Is talking to strangers good?

I'm sure you have your own views about things, and so are the people around you. Every living human in this world has their own perception about what is good and what is bad, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, what is right and what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is not beautiful, etc. etc. etc.

Well, now how about a collective perception?

When the society has their own assumptions, perceptions, about what is good and what is bad, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, what is beautiful and what is not beautiful in general, those assumptions--perceptions--are called social values.

Of course, a society expects their members to have their perception in general. Each society in a different area has different living experiences, and that makes for the difference of their social value.

But in general, a society expects its members to adhere their social values. In order to realize that expectation, the society crafts and establishes what is called a social norm. That is, a set of rules that defines what is good, what is appropriate, what is beautiful, and many more.

Think of social norms as a set of rules that the society will expect of an individual, including you and me.

As how life often infuriates us daily, life also pokes the society's patience. Well, haha, it's just how I like to say it.

Despite the expectations and all, each living person has their own perceptions about things, and it is not impossible that the perceptions don't go along with the social values. For example, in an Islamic society in Indonesia, people are expected to do their prayers together in prayer times, but some people just don't want to, because of various reasons.

In western societies, for example, screaming out loud or playing music out loud late night will annoy the neighbors. Let's take a deeper look on this. The neighbors expect that it'd be silent when it's late night. Their expectation is what we call a social value.

When the actions of an individual fail to adhere with social norms, those actions are considered a social deviation. The actor who does it is called a deviant.

As stated before, social norms differ per society (i.e. each society has their own norms). In western societies, tattoos are not considered a social deviation. As a comparative measure, Indonesians consider tattoos slightly deviant, especially when females use it.

Understanding why things are considered social deviation by the society and how it becomes so will greatly help us in understanding the society. Thus, it will enable us to adapt quickly to a new society, tap into the other point of view of the society, and enables us to sympathize with people that are considered deviants by the society.

In the next part, let's discuss why specific actions are considered deviant by the society and why societies expect their members to follow their values, thus making for the existence of social deviations (there will be no deviations if they don't consider one--how's that sound?).

By that, I shall put this lesson to an end. See you later! --Aldian

About me

Hi! You can call me Aldian if you'd like to. I am an undergraduate student in Indonesia, specifically Indonesia University of Education, specializing in the Education of Sociology program. As a teacher, I'm also a Sociology tutor at PKBM Jayagiri, a community open learning center, and I love understanding things and explaining it to people. Outside education life, I love fiction, anime, traveling, culinary, sports (especially martial arts) and hot springs.

I hope you did not expect a good-looking tutor! heehee


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