Skiing Scott carroll

I was skiing this glade at Bretton Woods, I don’t know the name of the glade but, my dad and I were skiing it over and over again because it was really fun and there were a bunch of different ways to go down it. It had the perfect amount of powder, not too much were your skies get stuck but just enough so that it fun and not icy. There were also enough tree to make it difficult but not too many that it almost isn't fun. A couple runs later I looked up before going down and we realized that there was an upper section to the glade and we wanted to go and find the way to get to it because the chair lift we were taking doesn’t take you to the part of the mountain so, we needed to find to summit chair.

Once we got down and got onto the chair lift I took out my map and found out how to get to the upper section. We got off the chair and skied down a short trail to get to another lift to go to the summit because that was the only way to get to the upper section of the glade. We finally made it to the top and started our way down to the upper part of the glade. The trail was pretty basic, it was just some rolling slopes. The glade was pretty far from the summit though, so it took about five to ten minutes to get there. On our way, we were the only people on the trails leading down to it but soon after realizing this, we caught up with a group of older kids. We wondered if they were going to go do the same glade that we were because the trail was pretty basic and the glade was the only fun thing to do on that trail so what else could they be doing because they looked pretty good.

When we were about 200 yards away from the mouth of the glade we saw that there was orange tape across the trail indicating that the trail was closed. It was interesting because it had been a good winter and their was a lot of natural snow so my dad and I were wondering why it was closed. We got closer and the group of older kids didn’t look like they were going to continue down the trail because it was closed. They got close and ducked under the orange tape that was supposed to be blocking off the glade. My dad and I got up to the tape and saw them going down and the glade didn’t look bad and we were wondering why it was closed. I still wanted to go down like the older group of kids but my dad didn’t because he said that if we were caught we could get our passes pulled and that we wouldn't’ be able to ski the rest of the day. I told him that if we got caught we could just say that we started in the lower section but he still thought that we should just skip it and go to the lower section. I really wanted to go down the upper section but after a little, while I gave up trying to convince my dad and we skied down to the lower section where we waited for the older group of kids to pass so that we could go down and then they passed and we went down.

Once we got out of the glade my dad was happy because he thought that there had to be a reason for the glade to be closed and that we could have gotten hurt or wrecked our ski. I was still a little disappointed that we could go down the glade but in the end but, we got to do the lower section a lot more because the chair lift ride for the lower glade was a lot faster than the summit chair. I was still kind of mad at my dad because I wanted to ski the upper section and I knew that we probably won’t be able to go back to Bretton Woods for a couple year but, my dad didn’t want to so I didn’t go down it.



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