John Locke By:Nathalie Rodriguez

Summary of Ideas

John Locke critized absolute monarchy, and favored the idea of self government. He was an English philosopher and physician. John Locke was born in 1632 Wrighton, Somerset (United Kingdom).

John Locke also believed that people can learn from experience and improve themselves. As human beings we also had the natural ability to govern ourselves.

Impact of Idea on Society

His idea was Natural Rights-Life, Liberty, Property. The impact that he made in society was the fundamental to U.S. Declaration of Independence.

How did his thoughts impact traditional beliefs in society?

Changing Idea: Natural Rights.

Old Idea: That monarchy could never be questioned or over ruled by the people.

New Idea: The purpose of a government is to protect their natural rights; if the government does not want to defend them, then citizens have the right to overthrow it.

What worries you, masters of you. (John Locke).

What this qoute means is that the one thing that stresses you can overrun you and take over your soul and mind.


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